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Going through the menopause? Looking for a natural way to help you better manage the symptoms? Then find out how some of the many treatments we offer can help you


As we are all uniquely created, so every woman’s experience of the menopause is unique to them. Symptoms of the menopause can be many and varied, or focused and few in number – from hot flushes, and itchy skin through to disturbed sleep and lethargy.

Menopause can also be a long drawn-out experience, or something that is fleeting but powerful in its effect while it lasts. All of our therapists work on an individual basis, finding out from you exactly what your experience is so that they can tailor treatment directly targeted to your unique symptoms.

Menopause can feel like your body is out of your control; natural therapies can provide a perfect way to help you take back some of that control. They can help you better manage and cope with the many symptoms the menopause can create; they can also help you with dealing with the emotional aspects of the menopause, and turn it into a more positive and empowering experience.

Read our series of blogs throughout this week to find out what just a few of our therapists have to offer – starting from tomorrow:

Each of them have different perspectives and advice to offer you – from coping with physical symptoms, to dealing with the emotional effects, from coming to terms with early menopause, to embracing the positive elements that this stage in your life can bring.



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