Leonie Klein

My passion lies in the incredible potential of physical touch to connect, transform, support and heal. I have always loved giving and receiving massage and have long had a fascination in the relationship between body, spirit and soul and what it means to be fully here, fully alive in this body – and be aware of being part of something bigger.

Since my late teens, I have explored and immersed myself in many types of embodiment and self-development practices. This includes Qi Gong, meditation and yoga alongside my ongoing bodywork and energy healing training and practice. I love and live this work and I am ever grateful for my teachers, my peers, my clients and my children who have inspired and challenged me along the way.

Through the therapies I offer, I invite you to become more at ease in your physical body, to awaken to your joyful, radiant authentic self and to step into your life with the wholeness of you.

Since having my own children, I have empathised strongly with post-natal mothers and have specialised in Shiatsu to support women after childbirth. I have also done a lot of work and training around young infancy and child development. I teach baby massage courses and also give developmental massage and Shiatsu treatments to babies up to crawling age.

Over the last couple of years I have volunteered at the Macmillan Centre at Southmead Hospital, giving Shiatsu to cancer patients and their carers, as they receive or recover from treatment or as an extra support during palliative care. I am continually rewarded by the positive effect Shiatsu has had on the people I have treated over this time and always humbled by the simplicity of touch, human-to-human connection and its healing capacity. I have also volunteered at the Terence Higgins Trust.

I am a registered member of the Shiatsu society (MRSS). I currently assist on postgraduate trainings at the Bristol School of Shiatsu and I am receiving ongoing supervision from my peers and mentors in all my practices.

You can find out more information about Leonie Klein on her website leoniekleinmassage.co.uk.

Availability & Fees

Leonie Klein is available throughout the week and some weekends.

£70 for 75 minutes
£80 for 90 minutes

£55 for 60 minutes Shiatsu



Please contact the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 or info@almavalecentre.co.uk to arrange an appointment.

Alternatively you can contact Leonie Klein direct on 07768 789 661.


  • Raynor Massage Certificate and Diploma, Dave Taylor – 2015
  • Infant Shiatsu Diploma , Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke – 2015
  • Developmental Baby Massage Teaching Certificate, Peter Walker – 2013
  • Infant Shiatsu Teaching Certificate , Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke – 2012
  • Baby Therapy Practitioners Certificate, Institute of Pre and Peri-natal Education (IPPE) – 2012
  • Shiatsu MRSS (Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society) – 2010

See list of further qualifications >

“[Leonie Klein] is fab! Attentive, thoughtful and graceful when she works with bodies. My body will be eternally grateful. I would recommend Leonie to anyone.” Rachel Flemming

“A wonderful shiatsu from you Leonie – thank you so much. The perfect balance of support and relaxation, in a sensitive and professional way. Loving the oil blends too!” Jo Pillinger

Shiatsu Testimonials
“I had a shiatsu from [Leonie Klein] today and I can honestly say it was one of the best bodywork treatments I have had in a very long time. She seemed to have a knowing of exactly what I needed. A perfect balance of being held with deep understanding and patience as well as getting in there with powerful pressure and moving through the stuckness.”
Alex Turner MBAcC, MRSS(T)

“Leonie brings to her bodywork a rare gift for deep connection that becomes the pathway to transformation. She combines this with extensive knowledge, a real sense of groundedness and many years of experience.”
Mimo Caenepeel

“[Leonie Klein] has a deeply caring and professional approach that instantaneously opened up a channel for my own healing. I felt very safe and deeply relaxed with her touch as intuition clearly guides her hands. I highly recommend this therapist with her depth of emotional intelligence and experience in the therapeutic arts.”
Sophie Bolton

“I went to Leonie following the birth of my daughter and it was the single best gift I could have given myself as a new mother. Leonie brings her innate wisdom and nurturing presence to facilitate personal healing and rebalancing on a deep level. I would highly recommend her to any woman in need of some replenishing space to reconnect with herself.”
Rebecca Smart

“Just wanted to thank you for the treatment yesterday. I slept heavily last night and again during the day today. It felt like being touched by something beyond the physical… by something heavenly”
Matthew Haart

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