Coaching (Shamanic)

Shamanic Coach, Marina, weaves together 20 years of shamanic practice and communication skills teaching and coaching respectively, these sessions offer both practical life tools and intuitive guidance to support you in gaining increased clarity and confidence.

I approach all my work from the viewpoint that we are all human beings doing our best and as such can benefit from some support. I respect clients as equals without judgment.

Clients have ownership of their difficulty and I respect their choices, decisions and direction with impartiality.

My role to is to offer support through a space for reflection, practical tools and exercises that can help achieve their desired outcome.

By the end of The Journey you will walk away with:

  • Greater clarity and confidence
  • Stronger boundaries
  • Strengthened authenticity and courage
  • Renewed vitality and zest for life
How might I benefit from these sessions?

Benefits can include:

  • Learn tools for life
  • Clarify ideas and strategies to achieve your aim
  • Improve boundaries and communication skills
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Create constructive new patterns and dynamics
Which conditions can it help with?
  • Difficult dynamics and repeating relational patterns
  • Difficult workplace relations
  • Self-sabotage, indecision and perfectionism
  • Low self-esteem
  • Support with new changes and direction


What can I expect from a session?

During our time together we will focus on a single area of your choosing and journey into it as we explore how it consciously and unconsciously interacts with your:

  • Core beliefs and values (personal, ancestral and cultural)
  • Underlying feelings and needs
  • Communication style and patterns of interaction, (with self and others)

We will explore what you want to change out of each of these in ways that benefit you.

Clients sometimes think that it’s difficult to identify a single area. More often than not however, what is happening in our lives can be tracked to a theme, perhaps: a sense of belonging; a sense of inequality; lack of safety; a belief that we deserve less than others and so on.

You will receive practical tools and spiritual practices to support this transformation. These may involve:

  • Frameworks for clearer interactions and boundaries
  • Tools and practices to strengthen self-esteem
  • Ceremonies and rituals for you to do

Sessions may involve some movement and some suggested ‘homework’. Much of my work is Spirit-led and both the sessions and the practices will be unique to you and your journey.

Clients will mostly be sitting down and talking. If they feel comfortable and if pertinent, they may be invited to move with a particular practical exercise in mind.

All exercises are voluntary and respect a client’s personal space and emotional comfort.

How long are the sessions?
  • Initial session is 1hr 15mins
  • Sessions last 1hr
  • The last session in The Journey package is a 2hr shamanic healing

One-off sessions or ad hoc are also offered.

How much does it cost?

Marina Sala:

The Journey – £325
The Journey is a package of 4 Coaching sessions and 1 Shamanic Healing session.

Individual session – £65

Concessions available

Shamanic Coaching

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