Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage (IHM) is a seated massage that starts on the shoulders and upper back, then moves to the back of the arms, the hands, then the neck and face, and ending with the scalp.

A sedantary lifestyle can lead to poor posture, and problems with tight muscles in the back, neck and shoulders. An Indian Head Massage can help to release these muscle spasms, reduce stress, and have a calming soothing effect. It may also help with sleep, and boosting concentration.

The circular technique to the temples, and work on the scalp, can both help to relieve tension headaches and eye strain.

What does a treatment involve?
You sit on a chair that is supported but comfortable, with a cushion placed on your lap for your hands to rest on. You have a towel wrapped around you ready for the massage to begin.
How is it different from other massage treatments?
Indian Head Massage can suit people who prefer to be seated, or who don’t want to get undressed for a full massage. It involves a facial massage and a head massage that has more variety than an ordinary massage. It is also shorter than a full body massage.
What techniques are involved?
The massage techniques used include Swedish style. This is known as effleurage, which involves long strokes that warm the body up and prepare it for deeper work. Another technique used is acupressure, which involves thumb pressure down the spine, and on the edge of bony areas, such as around the scapula and shoulder blade.
How will it help me?
Indian Head Massage can release muscle tension and spasms more powerfully in this area than a lying-down massage. This is because the therapist can fully access your head and support it with a pillow during the treatment, so you can fully relax.

Pressure-point work can clear congestion in the nerve pathways, relieve pain in tense muscles, relieve sinus congestion, encourage lymph drainage, increase circulation to that local area, and restore energy balance to the body.

IHM is also known to help with hair growth. By stimulating the follicles, this increases circulation to the scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth and improves the condition of the hair.

Can it help with mental health?
For mild depression and low mood, IHM can help to decrease stimulation of the central nervous system, which reduces stress and anxiety. It also works to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes rest and relaxation. Stimulating the release of endorphins in the brain then elevates the mood.
How much does it cost?

£35 for 30 minutes

£55 for 60 minutes

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