Couples / Pairs Massage

Receiving a couples massage is an increasingly popular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays. It can be the start of a romantic date night, or the perfect ending to a relaxing weekend.

The two therapists offer you this treatment in a large and comfortable space at the same time. A pairs massage is the same as a couples one minus the romance – friends, family and any pair of loved ones can enjoy this experience and derive the same benefits.

Why have this type of massage?

Experiencing healing touch together with a loved one or friend can bring physical, mental, and emotional benefits. A couples/pairs massage provides quality time away from work and worries. It is a perfect way to relax and unwind together, and it can bring you closer to those who matter to you.

What happens at the start of the session?

You will be sent a consultation form before your session so you can let the therapists know of any medical considerations, and what you are looking for from the session. When you arrive, the session begins with a quick in-person consultation so your therapists can find out in more detail what you need, to then give you the best massage experience possible.

What does a session involve?

A session lasts one hour. You will be welcomed into our cosy therapy room and spend a few minutes exploring with your massage practitioners what you both need from your massage, even if it is as simple as ‘to relax’. You will then get comfortable side by side on the cushioned massage tables complete with heated blankets. You will have your choice of music and scented aromatherapy oils, so you can zone out and fully enjoy the experience. After the massage, you will be left in the room to get dressed and soak in the experience before your session ends.

What do I need to wear?

After the consultation, your therapists will briefly leave the room as you get undressed. This is usually down to your underwear, but it is up to you – if you prefer, the therapists can perform a treatment over clothes.

They can also provide a room divider between you for privacy while undressing, if you would like that. You then each get on to your massage table, and cover yourself with a drape. Once your massage begins, your therapist will cover areas they are not working on with a sheet/drape at all times.

What type of massage is it?

It is a holistic massage. This is an approach to massage and not a specific technique. It is person-centred, tailored to your needs, rather than simply following a set routine. Both of our couples/pairs massage therapists are trained in a range of techniques. Whether you need a light touch or deep-tissue work, a focus on a particular body area or all-over relaxation, your therapists will provide the best approach for your needs. The massage is professional, respectful and entirely non-sexual in nature.

What massage oils are used?

Your therapists normally use either pure liquid coconut oil or Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel by Relaxus. ​It is common for a little oil to get in your hair, but if you’d rather not, your therapists can simply avoid massaging the area around your neck and face.

How much does it cost?

1 hour for 2 people – £130

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