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Specialists in Women’s Health

Here at the Alma Vale Centre we hold a special interest in women’s health. We have practitioners working across multiple therapies who have special expertise in this area dealing with women through all walks and developments in life.

Our therapists work with a wider range of conditions which can include:

  • Period Pain
  • Morning Sickness
  • Breech Baby
  • Labour Induction
  • Postnatal Depression
  • Irregular Periods
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility and Reproductive Health


Find out about our work with Women’s Health

Our Happy Customers

Leonie KleinShiatsu

“A wonderful shiatsu from you Leonie – thank you so much. The perfect balance of support and relaxation, in a sensitive and professional way. Loving the oil blends too!” 



Julie KelhamFertility Acupuncture

“Julie has a natural therapist’s gift for listening intently and putting me at complete ease.  I greatly looked forward to our sessions as she provided a dependably kind and supportive space for me while going through a testing time. Medical tests were not in my favour but my IVF was successful and I partly attribute that to Julie’s expert care.”



Helen FieldingAcupuncture

“Having received acupuncture over the past 30 years from a number of practitioners I feel confident in placing Helen among the most qualified, professional and competent, not to mention having a big heart.”




Here to Help – E-Clinic

With a heavy heart, as clinic director I’ve temporarily suspended the Alma Vale Centre practice for face-to-face consultations, due to Covid-19 precautions. All appointments until Monday 4th May are cancelled, and we will be in touch to rearrange when the situation...

Hypnobirthing Classes in 2020 with Purely Pregnant

Purely Pregnant are back throughout 2020 with regulars classes at the Alma Vale Centre: April Sundays 5th & 19th 10.00am - 5.15pm Book now May Sundays 3rd & 17th 10.00am - 5.15pm June Sundays 7th & 21st 10.00am - 5.15pm July Sundays 5th & 19th 10.00am...

Improving Your Relationships with Shamanic Healing

As we approach Valentine’s Day, find out from Marina Sala how Shamanic Healing could benefit you and your relationships – and take advantage of her special offer!   15% off all appointments between 1st and 18th February   Do you want to feel more empowered...

Acupuncture for a Good Night’s Sleep

When worries come crashing in, sleep often becomes the first victim. But acupuncture is here to help – find out how from our acupuncturist Tiffany Black     Do you find it hard to get to sleep, or wake with night sweats? Is your mind overactive and you wake...

The Journey: A Unique Package

THE JOURNEY: A UNIQUE PACKAGE 4 COACHING SESSIONS AND 1 SHAMANIC HEALING AT THE END The Journey is more than just a bundle at a reduced price. It is a deep inner journey through a single issue to uncover the interwoven themes and patterns that drive it. It is a...

Stressed about Christmas?

There are plenty of things that can stress people out about Christmas. All of the spending. Or overspending. Or over-super-double-over-spending. And then there can be family 'trickiness' to negotiate -- you may perhaps be spending a huge amount of hours with people...