Integrative Counselling

People choose to receive integrative counselling for a range of different reasons and at different points in their lives. Often people are at the point of crisis and would like to talk about how they are feeling and find a way to feel better. Others would like more long-term support to explore emotional issues and develop better ways of coping.

An integrative counsellor will create a safe space where you can examine your feelings and responses. By doing so, you will gain new insights that will help you to move forward.  It is very common to feel emotional distress. However, it is often difficult to find space in our lives to reflect upon our feelings in order to make positive changes. A counsellor will listen to you whilst you share your experience and allow you to own your feelings without being judged or stigmatised.

Why see an integrative counsellor?

You can see an integrative counsellor for a range of reasons, from wanting to feel more self-confident to dealing with feelings of anger or anxiety.  People may see a counsellor if they have suffered a bereavement, are experiencing relationship difficulties, are feeling under stress or pressure or are feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope.  Many people see counsellors after a life-changing event, or to support them through a challenging transition.  Other people experience persistent feelings of anxiety or unhappiness and would like an opportunity to explore and overcome these.

What will a session involve?

Your first session is about finding out from you why you’ve decided to come to therapy, what you are looking for, and what you want therapy to achieve. It may be you are looking for guidance with a specific issue, or you want someone to chat to about concerns. You will also be given information on confidentiality in relation to your sessions.

An integrative counsellor believes there isn’t just one therapeutic approach that can help a client in all situations. Instead, they take into account you as an individual and your circumstances, and use elements of different approaches to help you explore and cope with your problems.

The sessions will be led by what is best for you.

How many sessions will I need?

Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes and it is usual to see a counsellor once a week. The number of sessions you choose to have is variable and up to you. Some people find they benefit from a short series of integrative counselling sessions in order to move beyond a current situation. Others find the weekly support to be something they value and wish to continue long term.

How much does it cost?
£85 for 50 minutes
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