Jill Glover

I am passionate about integrating acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and coaching to smooth the many transitions in peoples’ lives.

My busy health centre practice in Bristol focuses on women’s health, including gynaecological issues, especially fertility and IVF treatments. By offering information, nutritional advice and coaching, I can help people make important lifestyle choices, contributing significantly to their health.

Following a career in radiography, I qualified as an acupuncturist in 1985, and subsequently in Chinese herbal medicine and coaching.

As a senior faculty member at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, I have been a teacher and clinical supervisor since its inception in 1993. I currently teach postgraduate days and run professional supervision groups in Bristol. A list of upcoming seminars at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine can be found on their CPD web page.

I bring different traditions of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and coaching together, and frequently work alongside conventional medicine to successfully treat a variety of illnesses.

Availability & Fees

Monday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am to 1:00pm
Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Acupuncture – £65 for 40 minutes
Jill may recommend a prescription of Chinese herbs to support your treatment which will be at an additional charge. These costs will vary which Jill can discuss with you.

Life Coaching – £65 for 40 minutes


Call the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 or e-mail us on info@almavalecentre.co.uk to book an appointment.


  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Member of the British Acupuncture Council
  • Diploma in Chinese Medicine
  • Member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Coaching certification from International Training Seminars
“ I’ve relied on Jill Glover’s acupuncture treatment for many years; she has kept up my energy in times of stress and dealt with a range of health problems of a kind I don’t think could have been dealt with so well by any other means.”

“Jill has been absolutely wonderful, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has been both professional and supportive throughout my treatment. I truly believe Jill’s assistance has enabled us to be in a position where we are expecting our first baby. We will be eternally grateful.”

Acupuncture Testimonials

I was recommended by a friend to book an appointment with Jill Glover at Alma Vale clinic to see if she might be able to help with cycles of mental and to a lesser extent physical exhaustion that I had experienced over the previous five years; a state that left me feeling sick and depleted. Originally brought on by stress and work pressures, the exhaustion was also affecting times with my grandchildren and with other people.

Jill and I met usually about once a month for just under a year and it was a combination of coaching and acupuncture that has broken these patterns of exhaustion. I now feel both more confident of my strength and at the same time aware of my limits and abilities, and I also have a definite sense that my reserves of energy have been robustly replenished at their source. It has been a positive and helpful experience for me.
– Fiona Gardner

“ I can’t recommend Jill highly enough. What I love is her no-nonsense approach, her empathy and her humour. These are all an added bonus on top of what she has achieved for both my mental and physical health with the acupuncture. ”
– Ruth Hecht, Independent Producer

I have been receiving treatment from Jill on and off for about four years. I receive both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She helped me out of some bad indigestion problems that doctors had failed to sort out. She has subsequently been a fantastic resource to get me through sporadic illnesses and emotionally tough times. She is one of those rare and extremely gifted practitioners with enormous experience and expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone.
– Liz Legum, Mature student, Mother of 2

“ I first sought treatment from Jill Glover seven or eight years ago, when I was slowly recovering from M.E., having been seriously ill for several years. I believe that her skill, knowledge, and support contributed considerably to my recovery and helped restore me to much better health.

Since then, she has treated me on a regular basis, and has supported me through a number of difficult situations and health issues. I have always found her very sympathetic, caring, and confidence-inspiring, and so have come to regard her as my primary health care provider. I now enjoy very good health, and am living a happy, active and rewarding life. ”
– Sheila Yeger

Jill is a great practitioner and I have huge respect for her and her work. I have a fundamental trust in her and I love her way of working.
– John Dawson, Publisher, Photographer, Public speaking facilitator

“ Jill has been my mainstay therapist for over 15 years. Her practice for me sums up what holistic and preventative medicine is all about. In a session, she works perceptively and practically with my current physical and emotional state and over the years this has had quite a range! Invariably, I leave a session feeling stronger.
I cannot recommend Jill highly enough and feel certain that my good health today is in part due to my continued acupuncture sessions with her. ”
– M.G., Environmental Sustainability Expert

I am incredibly grateful for all of your help and I feel incredibly lucky you were introduced to me. I genuinely feel that your treatments play a huge part in my competitive success and also in my communication with the horses in general.
I feel I have a much improved physical and mental stability and clearer thought process – all things which make me a happier and healthier individual and a more successful dressage trainer and competitor.

Thank you for all of your help, energy and support!
– Maria Griffin, Dressage Trainer Competitor

I have been seeing Jill for the best part of six years now. Having tried other therapies and other acupuncturists, this has been the only one that has really worked for me. I am a 47-year-old male who has type 1 diabetes, an underacting thyroid condition and have suffered depression amongst other things. Jill’s combination of acupuncture, five elements, coaching and Chinese herbs has helped me through some of the worse times of my life in all manner of ways and kept the pharmaceuticals to a minimum.

Physically healing, emotionally soothing and spiritually blossoming, Jill has a wonderful way of explaining things and only gives you what you need. I always look forward to seeing her, whether in crisis or in maintenance. Long may it last!
– Darren McEvoy, Counsellor

Fertility Testimonials

“We had our darling daughter Betty in December 2013 after a long and painful journey trying to conceive. Jill supported us hugely through this very challenging time, and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we wouldn’t have Betty without Jill’s expertise.

Jill enabled my body to be in the best possible condition to become pregnant and treated me in tandem with the conventional fertility medications I was receiving. Her knowledge of medical processes and procedures was hugely reassuring, and I felt confident that I was in exactly the right hands. IVF was enormously difficult, psychologically and physically, and Jill led me through it, treating both mind and body. I would walk into the practice on my very darkest days, right on the edge of despair, and walk out feeling positive and hopeful again. It was nothing short of miraculous.

Today it’s hard to remember exactly how bad I felt, because we have our wonderful daughter Betty taking up every moment of my time. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Jill.”
– Ria G

My partner and I came to see Jill after having struggled to conceive for over a year. We had heard about the Alma Vale Centre through a friend of a friend who had struggled with fertility and conceived both of her children after having received Jill’s treatment. 

Our main problem was with sperm morphology, which had been measured at 0% (the sperm count was then 64 million). Our GP looked at the results in January and referred us directly for our one free round of IVF, stating clearly that it would not be worth our time/money to consider other diet/lifestyle/alternative-treatment options. 

We disagreed; In February we saw a fertility nutritionist and made some big diet changes, and then in March we visited Jill for our first acupuncture treatments and were also prescribed herbs by her to take daily. We continued treatments with her and with an acupuncturist she recommended closer to us, took her herbs, adhered to her advice on supplements and nutrition, and by the beginning of May, less than 6 weeks after our first treatment with her, we managed to conceive. All the work we had done had paid off and this was also evident in our last sperm test results, which measured a 3% morphology (with a sperm count of 345 million!). We both looked and felt happier and healthier than ever, and couldn’t believe we had done it!

Jill has been such a huge support throughout our journey, and she was always happy to help with any questions we had along the way. We both cannot thank her enough and know for sure that we would not have been able to have conceived without her.

– Fran

Women's Health Testimonials
I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis in my early 30s following many trips to the GP and hospital undergoing embarrassing and often invasive test after test.  I say finally as many medical practitioners were very keen to brush me off with ‘It’s just the time of the month’!

Anyone who suffers this condition will know that it isn’t about painful periods.  It not only brings with it untold pain, misery and tiredness but can take over your life for two to three weeks at a time.

Following diagnosis, I was prescribed a nine-month course of brutal tablets to get rid of the endometriosis that was there already.  These tablets came with side effects and not only made me feel depressed but caused my hair to thin.  I was desperate and didn’t know any better so stuck with them.  Once the course of tablets was over I was presented with several options to control the endometriosis from coming back in the future.  These were go on the Pill, have a coil fitted, have a baby or have a hysterectomy!  None of which I was particularly keen on but I chose the coil and ultimately ended up in A&E in shock as my body rejected it!

I was recommended to Jill by a friend initially for the shock in my system from the effects of the coil.  This was the first day of the rest of my life.

It was a revelation to me to learn that, through acupuncture, Jill could help me take control of this condition.  Over a short period of time, we saw steady improvements and, with continued visits, saw even greater positive results.

As well as the acupuncture sessions, Jill spent time to talk to me about solutions, not problems, and made me feel like she really understood and wanted to help.  Along with the treatments, this has restored my sense of well being.

Now in my early 40s, I lead a normal, pain free life.
– Ali Spence

Seminar Testimonials

“I wanted to say thank you for your brilliant, informative lecture on male infertility at the weekend. I learnt a lot, your method of delivery made it even easier to appreciate and absorb.”
– Vida

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