Leonie Klein - Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner at the Alma Vale Centre

Leonie Klein has been a bodywork practitioner for more than 16 years.

She has always loved giving and receiving massage and is passionate about the simplicity and power of touch to connect, transform, support and heal.

Leonie has a solid training in both theory and practice in all her disciplines. This allows her to work intuitively, using her hands and heart to guide her through each treatment.

Leonie’s style has been described as connected, deep and powerful as well as tender, attentive and nurturing. She offers a number of different therapies for both adults and babies, however her big love is Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is more than just a physical treatment as it includes the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of being. Because our bodies are expressions of our whole being, Shiatsu can be of benefit for all kinds of health issues. This includes those caused by a stressful lifestyle, illness, trauma and the emotional holding in our bodies that causes pain and disease.

Shiatsu is not only deeply relaxing, immensely enjoyable and satisfying as a massage; it is also extremely effective in its therapeutic capacity to support the body’s overall health and wellbeing.

Other therapies that Leonie offers are:

  • Raynor massage, which focuses on finding and removing tension and is like a deep tissue or Sports massage.
  • Aromatouch technique, which works to balance the nervous system, reduce stress and boost immunity. This is a gentle treatment using eight of the finest, purest and most potent essential oils.
  • Developmental baby massage, which incorporates aspects of baby massage, Shiatsu, baby yoga, baby body language therapy and developmental movement patterning to provide developmental therapeutic support for babies from birth up to walking age.

Special Offer – £30 for your initial treatment (normally £50)

Leonie Klein is typically available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday mornings, and Saturdays. Please contact the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 for further information. Alternatively, you can call Leonie on 07768 789 661.

Leonie Klein - Shiatsu

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