We manage change all the time; if we didn’t, it would be impossible to survive in our fast-paced demanding world. However, there are certain demands for change that can confuse, upset or overwhelm us, and that is where our chartered psychologist, counsellor and coach Deborah Clarke may be just the person you need to talk with.

New year, new you

For instance, the beginning of a new year is often a time when we reflect upon our life, re-evaluate situations, and sometimes make ‘new year resolutions’. It can be a perfect time to spring-clean our lives, as we contemplate and plan for the year ahead.

Managing relationship difficulties

Relationship ChangeChanges in our significant relationships at home or at work, can cause us considerable pain and discomfort. The ending of a key relationship, for instance, can require enormous readjustment, and dealing with the sense of loss can be painful and emotionally draining. Often, we are unprepared for the debilitating nature of this loss, and don’t recognise the need to talk this through with someone outside of the situation.

We often forget that personal relationships have become far more complex and thus a lot harder to manage successfully without some external support. For instance, as individuals we can be much clearer about what we want from life and relationships and as a result be less willing to compromise on values, life choices and behaviour. This clarity can make life easier on some levels, but can make relationships more emotionally challenging on other levels. Deborah has experience of working with many couples, at different stages in their relationship and can offer a safe space to explore ways of coping more effectively.

Trouble at work

Deborah has also worked in the area of occupational psychology and helped numerous individuals make the changes needed to achieve their potential or survive disruption in the workplace.

Work ChangeShe has, for instance, supported individuals facing a challenging transition to a new job role or workplace. She has also helped people to understand and deal with difficult and unsupportive organisational cultures, such as managers new to their role, and women challenging the glass-ceiling by actively seeking promotion. She has also helped people facing major conflict situations with colleagues or team members, and is proficient in conflict resolution.

Coping with loss

Loss of any kind can be hard to deal with. This could be the loss of a job opportunity, aspiration or goal, retirement from a much-loved role or organisation, or the death of a friend or family member.

It could also mean coming to terms with what may not be part of your future life. Experiences such as having difficulties conceiving the much longed for child, suffering a miscarriage or having to undergo numerous unsuccessful rounds of IVF. Sharing thoughts and feeling with someone outside of the situation can be very helpful and emotionally healing at this time.

Moving forwards to better times

Very often, we simply need help with managing the emotional and practical aspects of changes, frustrations and transitions. Sometimes getting some clarity and distance helps; at other times tools for managing can ease the situation and enable us to cope more effectively.

Deborah Clarke

Deborah works with the issues that are causing distress, anxiety or unhappiness. By providing a safe place where you can talk about your feelings and emotional responses, she helps you to find new and better ways forward.

Whatever your circumstances, and whatever the nature of the changes you are trying to deal with, Deborah aims to provide the support and insight to help.

As January is a time of change and new beginnings, Deborah is offering you a free consultation session if you book to see her at the Alma Vale Centre, during the month of January. Come and meet with her, have an initial conversation and see where it can lead.

For more details or to make an appointment, you can contact Deborah on 07973 518240. Or call the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 3771186

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