Welcoming Petrina Yeoh! Alma Vale Centre

Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage on Thursday Evenings

Petrina Yeoh offers holistic and deep tissue massage every week on Thursday afternoons from 2:00pm to 9:00pm.  She also has availability on Wednesday and Friday evenings, but please contact her direct to book these slots.

Petrina YeohPetrina’s ethos is that a massage is time set aside by you for you, to explore, discover, and celebrate the incredible and finely-tuned instrument that is your body. She facilitates your opportunity to give space to everything that you are, every ache, tangled knot of tension, emotion, or celebration that you would like to bring into the treatment space. She uses deep tissue and remedial-style techniques in a flowing, intuitive style in her treatments.

  • 30 minutes – £25 (not available to first time clients)
  • 60 minutes – £45
  • 90 minutes – £65
  • 120 minutes – £85

Repeat booking discounts are available.  Please enquire with Petrina directly.

You can book direct through the Alma Vale Centre by calling 0117 377 1186.

Alternatively you can contact Petrina direct on 07855 259341.

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