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The Journey is more than just a bundle at a reduced price. It is a deep inner journey through a single issue to uncover the interwoven themes and patterns that drive it.

It is a complete process that weaves together 20 years experience of shamanic practice and communication skills training, to offer you a set of tools for life and spiritual practices unique to your needs.

You may for example wish to explore:

  • A difficult dynamic
  • A pattern you wish to break
  • Life direction and commitment

Don’t worry too much about choosing the ‘right’ area of your life. Nothing exists in a vacuum; common themes and patterns will become apparent as we explore the emerging threads.

Coaching sessions offer a combination of: talking, practical tools, spiritual practices and insights, to help us journey deeper to explore:

  • The core beliefs and values (personal ancestral and cultural)
  • The deeper feelings and needs
  • The communication styles and patterns of interaction (with self and others)
  • The conscious and unconscious fears driving you actions and responses

During our sessions you may be invited to do some light movement, some simple ceremonies or exercises in your own time that can help you gain greater clarity and mark the changes you are seeking.

All suggested practices and exercises are voluntary and fully Spirit-led, aimed at a deep but safe and gentle inner journey.

The aim here is to heal, not retrigger nor relive traumatic experiences.

The invitation is to embark on The Journey through weekly coaching sessions, culminating with the shamanic healing at the end.

Doing them weekly keeps the process alive and means that the suggested, exercises can be explored and elaborated on while still fresh. Alternatively, the maximum gap between sessions is bi-monthly.

What to expect from the shamanic healing:

The healing will help integrate the work and remove any energetic or ancestral blocks, retrieve lost power and soul pieces and leave you feeling strengthened and full of vitality.

By the end of The Journey, you will walk away with:

  • Greater clarity and confidence
  • Stronger boundaries
  • Strengthened authenticity and courage
  • Practical and spiritual tools for life

All my work is Spirit-led and is approached from the premise that we are all capable, adult human beings who need support from each other from time to time.

What to bring on The Journey: Your courage, your sense of humour, your vulnerability and your commitment.

I look forward to journeying with you,



For more information and to book your Free 20min Consultation please email me at: or call me on 07974 765985 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Investment £275 (Concessions available). Standing order payment plan option. Sessions available in person or on video call.

For more information about how I work see:



  1. The Journey is a process and commitment to the whole process is essential. For one-off coaching or healing sessions please contact me to arrange.
  2. This process is not counselling. See our website for a link to our expert counsellors and psychotherapists.
  3. During the free 20 minute consultation we will also establish whether The Journey is suitable for your needs.
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