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Take the heat and itch out of rashes this summer with acupuncture – find out how from Tiffany Black

Tiffany Black - Acupuncture

With the sunshine here, and the summer in full swing, there will be many people suffering from itchy, stinging heat rashes causing significant discomfort. And so, with this in mind, I want to spread the word that acupuncture is here to help.

What are heat rashes?

Rashes are common in the summer because any underlying inflammation and skin sensitivity can be easily exacerbated by a rise in temperatures. This can make some people’s summers miserable. Heat rashes can be localised to one area or appear suddenly over whole zones such as the torso or legs. Some rashes may be red and raw, slightly weepy while others are accompanied by itching, drying and flaking leading to disturbed nights and inevitable tiredness.

Bringing relief

When I see patients with heat rashes my priority is to bring relief from their acute symptoms as quickly as possible. So I select points to reduce inflammation, stop itching. I also focus on empirical points to stimulate relaxation and the parasympathetic nervous system, as the body often becomes tense and stressed when there is discomfort leading to higher levels of cortisol.

For acute rashes patients usually report a significant reduction in itching and feeling of heat within 24 hours. Ideally, I see patients every few days until the acute flare up has passed. Once the skin has calmed down and symptoms subsided, I set about strengthening the body and treating underlying deficiencies that have caused the body to react in this manner in the first place.

Each body is different and responds accordingly but the joy of acupuncture is that you not only avoid having to use hydrocortisone skin creams, but your immunity will be strengthened too so that future discomfort can be avoided.

I also urge patients who are prone to sun and heat sensitivity to book in for a couple of preventive treatments ahead of a hot holiday. This can help to restore balance so the holiday is what it is meant to be – relaxing, restorative and carefree!


For more information, or to book in for acupuncture with Tiffany, please call us on 0117 3771186

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