Tara Silverthorn explains how craniosacral therapy could help put your body in full balance so you are ready for IVF


Tara Silverhorn - Craniosacral TherapistUsing gentle hands-on contact, craniosacral therapists support the healing process by working with the body’s inherent capacity for self-repair and its natural goal towards optimal health.


Working with your unique rhythm

In health, all living tissues (muscles, bones, nerves, fluid) express a subtle rhythmic motion produced by the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This creating what craniosacral therapists refer to as ‘Primary Respiration’.

Craniosacral therapists are trained to listen with their hands to the quality and flow of these rhythms. They’re found throughout the whole body, with the therapists helping them to return to a full and balanced expression.

A session will often involve making light, non-invasive contact with the head and spine. Other areas such as the feet may also be used, in order to sense and palpate these tidal rhythms.


Help with hormone changes

Common side effects of IVF can include headaches, cramping and bloating. These can be alleviated by assisting the body in its subtle re-adjustment towards its original state of balance and health.

Craniosacral therapy can also support your body’s ability to cope with the many changes taking place within the hormonal system as a result of IVF medication. The neuro-endocrine system is the body’s intimate dance between hormones and the nervous system.

Many women who are undergoing IVF experience restlessness as a side-effect of treatment. The process can additionally create an understandable sense of anxiety for both the woman undergoing treatment and her partner.

If the nervous system is in ‘flight-or-flight’ mode, the hormonal system responds to this and can be thrown further ‘out of whack’.

Craniosacral therapy can support you through this process by facilitating the conditions to tune into your body’s deeper needs.

Craniosacral therapists work with the underlying causes and forces of individual stresses, both psycho-emotional and physical. It helps to down-regulate the nervous system into rest-digest-procreate mode and thus gradually bring your body back into greater hormonal balance.



Bringing calmness

Undergoing the process of IVF can be a hugely challenging time. Craniosacral sessions carve out a moment to be with these challenges in a calm, attentive and non-judgmental environment.

If you would like to discuss whether craniosacral therapy might be right for you, you can get in touch with Tara directly: info@taracranio.com or tel 07805801864

Or to book an appointment, contact the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 3771186


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