January can for many be a difficult month. As we leave behind the festive season and return to our normal routines. As we deal with the colder weather and darker days. We may also already be struggling to keep all of the new year’s resolutions we have made for a good start to 2019.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! To help us avoid the January blues, we asked our practitioners for their top tip for how to make the most of this time of year, so that this month can be a positive and uplifting one as we enter the new year.

Here is what some of them had to say:

Massage therapist Cath Mowbray:

“I’m a big believer in the benefits of being out in nature. If possible why not go for a walk somewhere you haven’t been before? The exercise and fresh air will both give you a natural boost and also be great for your physical and mental health.”


Reflexologist and Massage Therapist Victoria Gazzard

“At this time of year, I dedicate time to reviewing the year that has passed and reminding myself of key memories and moments, challenges, lessons learned and so on. I review the goals I had set the year before and I set new ones that I can aspire to.

January is a month where we retreat and take it easy. I personally feel the affects of the seasonal changes very strongly and the impulse to hibernate is strong, I also feel quite low in energy and neither of these are productive energies or feelings for implementing lifestyle changes.

So I don’t believe January is a good month for making extreme change. For me, in order to make changes you have to feel ready and well resourced to stick to the plan. I find the Springtime when the energy is increasing and I’m feeling more positive in myself a better time for making changes. However, January is a wonderful month for inner reflection, nourishment in the form of warming foods, love and relationships, gentle exercise, including ensuring I am going out into the winter’s sun and also having lots of rest.”


Acupuncturist Julie Kelham

“Christmas and the new year can take its toll on our bodies with all the indulgences that often accompany the festive period! Add that to the mix of lowered energy and immune system during the winter months and our bodies can really struggle.

This is an ideal opportunity to start 2019 with a brighter, clearer mind and body. So I am offering a 3-Course Detox Treatment – book 2 detox treatments and get the 3rd one free of charge.

The treatments aim to detoxify, soothe and regulate your system, with the third treatment revitalising your energy and providing you with an energetic framework to support you moving forward into the rest of the year.”

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Craniosacral therapist Tara Silverthorn

“Take a little time, whatever you can set aside in your day or week, to do something that resources you.”


Acupuncturist Tiffany Black

“This time of year is often a time when we try to change a behaviour to become more healthy. When I want to make a change, I spend some time planning how I am actually going to achieve this and what situations might be challenging and stand in the way.

James Clear author of Atomic Habits has conducted research to show that one of the key ways of making a change and sticking to it, be it eating more veg or taking more exercise, is hooking on to an activity that you already do so that it becomes a habit. So last year, when I decided I wanted to drink more water, I took his advice and decided to hook it on to brushing my teeth. Each night, I placed my filled water bottle next to my toothbrush, so now drinking 500ml of water after I’ve brushed my teeth is part of my teeth-brushing routine.

I think a crucial component of staying healthy at this time of year is rest. Daylight hours are minimal, and Christmas and New Year makes demands on our fragile energy reserves. So if you’re feeling run down and tired cancel the diary and try and get some early nights – your body will thank you.”


Shiatsu and Massage Therapist Leonie Klein

“Do you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish? Don’t really fancy breakfast? Can’t face the day without a cup of coffee to get you going? There’s an old Chinese saying which goes ‘Eat your breakfast like a King, share your lunch with a friend, and give your dinner to your enemy.’ From the Chinese Medicine (TCM) viewpoint our Stomach and Spleen Qi (the life force of our digestive system) needs to be strong so we can effectively and efficiently nourish and fuel our bodies.
So my top tip is to give more attention to your breakfast – find out how in my blog post on my website.”
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