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As part of our series for Migraine Awareness Week, our massage therapist Piia Laakso shares how her specific approach can help both prevent migraine and relieve the pain of existing headaches


How does massage help?

“Regular massage can prevent migraine symptoms because massage helps the body to relax. This then relieves stress and tension that has built up around the shoulders, neck, jaw and head, which often lead to a tension headache type of migraine.

Trigger/ pressure point work and general massage can help to increase blood flow in the tense muscles and relieve pain.

Massage can also help to prevent the emotional trigger of migraine, such as stress. It can also prevent the physical trigger, such as muscular tension in the affected areas.”


What is your specific approach?

“I provide a focused and detailed massage tailored to the client’s needs. This will depend on the type of migraine you are suffering from and the area of the pain.

I start with gentle strokes to encourage the layers of skin and tissue to relax. I then continue on with firmer pressure to increase circulation. I may also do some deep pressure-point holds to release tension. This can help your muscles to feel looser, more flexible and work more efficiently. It may also give you a feeling of general well-being and relaxation.

Regular massage treatment equals less stress equals less tension in the shoulders, neck and head, which in turn equals fewer or no migraines.”


How many treatments will I need?

“Mild acute symptoms can be treated straightaway using gentle massage techniques and focusing on the holistic way of calming the body and mind.

However, a course of treatment is recommended to keep symptoms from reoccurring. It is important to remember that everyone responds to treatment differently and at a different pace.”




Client J had suffered with stress and migraines long term. After an initial massage treatment with me, they felt more relaxed and slept well that night. We decided a course of follow-up weekly massage treatments would be beneficial. After the third massage treatment client J had not had any migraines and felt tension around the shoulders, jaw and head was reducing.

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