Unbreaking the Mirror

Exploring Consciousness & Body Image

MirrorDo you feel your life is lessened by insecurities around your body image and appearance? Whether it’s because of an ideal constructed by the media, or pressure coming from within one’s own mind, we can all feel held back by an inability to live up to a mythical standard of beauty and attractiveness.

In our workshop we will look at taking a meditative and conscious approach to engaging with this issue. We will explore how to form a deeper sense of connection within ourselves and then with others, bypassing the need to appear a certain way. We will also look at how negative paradigms about appearance may be established and how these can be consciously resolved. We hope this approach has a lot to offer anyone who feels their life is restricted by insecurities around their body, or anyone who just wants to connect in a more positive way with their physical selves.

The workshop will be facilitated by Richard Cox and Clare Beckell. Richard and Clare are both qualified facilitators of Deep Awake Meditation and both have a strong interest in how this experience can bring a sense of liberation to the mind and body.

Saturday 5th December, 2015
Alma Vale Centre, Bristol, BS8 2HY

Arrive 9:30am for a 10:00 start
Finishes at 5:00pm
Cost £50

For more information please contact Richard at richard@timfreke.com
Or visit https://www.facebook.com/unbreakingthemirror

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