As we approach Valentine’s Day, find out from Marina Sala how Shamanic Healing could benefit you and your relationships – and take advantage of her special offer!


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  • Do you want to feel more empowered in your relationships?
  • Do you want to be free of difficult dynamics and patterns?
  • Do you want to attract that right person?

Shamanic work can help you to:

  • Release blocks holding you back
  • Retrieve parts of yourself ‘lost’ in difficult experiences
  • Heal ancestral patterns and restore power and vitality.


What is Shamanic Healing and how does it help?

Shamanism is an ancient earth-based spirituality that regards all life as being interconnected and as having a spirit.

Through the use of sound, typically the drum and rattle, the shaman reaches an altered state of consciousness and receives information that helps the client during the healing.

Shamanic Healing supports, and is supported by, counseling and psychotherapy, bodywork and conscious movement practices.


Releasing Core Beliefs and Patterns

Our core beliefs and patterns of behaviour stem from our childhood experiences and are embedded in ancestral and cultural paradigms.

Some of these beliefs can be debilitating and can become like magnets that attract situations to us, which then reconfirm that belief.

Examples of these are: “people can’t be trusted”; “ I lose myself in relationships”, or very commonly, “I’m not good enough”.


Shamanic healing can help:

  • Track and identify those beliefs
  • Remove the energetic imprint they make in our energy body
  • Release ancestral patterns and trauma


Once this is done, the vital energy of a new belief and behaviour can start to flow more freely.


Retrieving Soul Pieces and Personal Power

In times of trauma, parts of us ‘flee’ energetically rather than experience a difficult situation. When they leave, they often also take a quality that helps us have fuller lives; for instance: a sense of trust, our innocence, a sense of adventure etc.

When this happens, we are left feeling out of kilter and ‘not quite ourselves’ and may hark back to a time when we felt strong and alive. Soul loss can occur many times in our lives and we may not be aware of when or why it happened.

Soul retrieval brings back parts stuck in time, and releases us from the hold of the past, without having to relive difficult situations or force a memory.


Restoring Power, Lost or Taken

Most of our relationships, whatever their nature, are based on dynamics and patterns that are played out between another and us.

While some are manageable, others are can leave us feeling depleted, and perhaps also self-doubting and co-dependent.

This is because of two common energetic occurrences, which are:

  1. Unconscious but debilitating cords form between us and the other that keep us stuck in that pattern, and
  2. In more significant relationships we take parts of each other and/or give our power away


In both cases, we remain in some way bound to each other and fated to perpetuating the dynamic.


Cord Cutting

Shamanic Healing helps to break the debilitating dynamic that feeds off your vital energy, while keeping the loving and healthy connection between you.

From here, you are more energetically empowered to create a better dynamic.

Like all things, however, this takes willpower and dedication!



Soul Parts and Power Exchange

In close relationships, we may give parts of ourselves away and/or take parts of one another’s soul that make us feel secure. For instance, another’s strength, or the sense of love and support they provide or how they are when they are happy.

This can create codependence and an unhealthy dynamic and over time we may also feel like we are missing a part of ourselves. If we’ve separated, we may feel like things are ‘not quite complete’.

The exchange of soul parts occurs as part of the healing; the other person does not need to be present. This swap can help the dynamic improve, or assist those going through a separation to move on.

Of course, all relationships have their ups and downs, patterns and gifts. Ultimately, Shamanic Healing helps to integrate the wisdom taught by the past and clear the way for an even more empowered self in the future.

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