One-to-one Yoga and Yoga Classes at the Alma Vale Centre in Clifton

One-to-One Yoga

Yoga has been practised for thousands of years to cultivate awareness of the mind, body and spirit and ensure optimal functioning of the body. It combines physical movement with deep breathing and meditation to help us align our bodies, gain more mental discipline and clarity, and aid deep relaxation.
How can yoga help?
The benefits of yoga are numerous. Regular practice can improve core body strength, tone muscles, increase flexibility, improve circulation, enhance organ function and induce feelings of relaxation and clarity. It will also teach you discipline over your mind and body, to be present in the moment and increased personal awareness.
Why practice yoga privately rather than in a class?
Traditionally yoga was handed down on a one to one basis from teacher to student. Nowadays people choose private sessions for a variety of reasons. You may feel more comfortable working alone rather than in a group. If you are a beginner you can benefit from the extra attention as you learn the basics. More advanced students often appreciate the opportunity to practise more challenging positions with help and guidance. If you have experienced an injury or weakness in the body you may prefer to work with a private instructor who will honour your body’s pace and guide you to practise safely. You may find it more practical to have one to one sessions as classes can often be scheduled around you and your day.
What can I expect from a session?
The practitioner is likely to begin by taking some basic information about your medical history, how you’re currently feeling and any previous experience you might have of yoga. They will discuss what you would like to explore in the classes and what has brought you to yoga at this time. Many people have specific objectives. Whatever the reasons, the practitioner will work with you to tailor classes that combine movement, meditation and postures to help bring harmony to your body and mind.
How many sessions will I need?
The first session is an opportunity for you and the practitioner to learn about each other. They can get an idea of where you’re starting from and you can get a feel for their teaching style. Usually this session will involve some simple postures to enable the practitioner to understand how your body is moving. Each person’s body is different. Beginning gently will mean that you will get a feel for the practice too. It is important for you to have a teacher that you are comfortable with before making a commitment to subsequent sessions. From the very start, the attention will be personal. The time will be devoted to finding alignment in your body, making adjustments and tailoring the teaching to suit your needs.
How much does it cost?

A 60 minute session with Deb Clarke costs £40.

Do you run any yoga classes?
Yes, we run weekly Kundalini Yoga classes here every Thursday evening. Read our blog post for further information.

Also, visit our Classes and Workshops page to see what other classes we may have lined up soon.


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