Holly Smith

Holly specialises in working with the 5 points of yoga and Thai Massage to bring balance and wellbeing and is committed to sharing the benefits of these traditional practices with others.

1. Proper exercise,

2. Proper relaxation,

3. Proper breathing

4. Proper diet &

5. Meditation / positive thinking

Together have helped Holly cultivate resilience and they provide an effective synthesis for a healthy and happy life.

Following over a decade of personal practice, Holly completed her first Yoga Teacher Training Course at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas in 2014. There, she was completely immersed in the yogic lifestyle and learnt that yoga is so much more than stretching. It is in everything you do, it is the art of being present, observing the self and living with intention. She then returned to the Sivananda Ashram in 2017 where she was able to deepen her practice and develop her teaching skills. During this time she served 3 months volunteering as a Karma Yogi as well as completing her 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training Course.

In early 2019, she trained in Traditional Thai massage with the Sunshine Network in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This has furthered her understanding of how the different levels of the body work together, and supports her yoga teaching; as well as being a tool for healing in itself.

Thai massage can be compared to doing a yoga session without doing a thing – You feel all of the benefits with none of the effort. Wearing comfortable clothes, the body is moved into gentle stretches and massaged along the meridians & acupressure points which energises and harmonises the body.

Holly also has a BA Honours degree in Creative Arts from Bath Spa University and has a background in design she has a strong interest in nutrition as well as a love of nature!


Availability & Fees

Holly Smith offers Thai Massage treatments here throughout the week. As her availability varies, please contact the Alma Vale Centre or Holly direct for more information.

Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage:

60 minutes £45

90 minutes £60

120 minutes £80


Contact Holly direct on 07800 740 692 to book an appointment.

Alternatively, call the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 or e-mail us on info@almavalecentre.co.uk.


  • Sivananda / Hatha Yoga 200 hour TTC
  • Sivananda / Hatha Yoga 500 hour TTC
  • Children’s Hatha Yoga 90 hour TTC
  • 2019 The Art of Traditional Thai Massage
  • BA Honours degree in Creative Arts

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