Alex McArthur

Alex McArthur’s passion for Kinesiology began when she was introduced to it a number of years ago and was inspired by how it transformed her own health & wellbeing. Tapping into her purpose of wanting to help people to be the very best they can, she decided to train to be a Kinesiologist.

Alex is trained in Systematic Kinesiology through the Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) which was founded in 1988 in the UK by Brian Butler following his training in the US under the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK).

Through the use of muscle testing, Systematic Kinesiology identifies areas of imbalance in the body, finds the realms which are relevant (structural, biochemical, emotional and energetic) and works towards achieving health goals by creating an overall balance.

Alex sees people with a wide range of health issues including fatigue, low energy, stress and anxiety, gut issues, skin problems and chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Alex McArthur is a member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology that works within a strict code of conduct maintaining a high standard of practice.

Availability & Fees

Wednesdays from 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Other appointment times sometimes avialable. Please contact Alex direct to enquire.

Initial Consultation – 90 minutes – £75
Follow up appointments – 60 minutes – £50
Under 16’s – £40


Call the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 or e-mail us on to book an appointment.

Alternatively if you would like to speak to Alex McArthur directly about your treatment, or arrange an appointment outside of her normal working hours, please contact her on 07825 149 697.


  • Kinesiology Practitioner, CERT A.S.K

  • Reiki (Level 1 Student)

  • Member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK)

My kinesiology sessions with Alex are brilliant. She intuitively understands what I am aiming to achieve and is sensitive to how I respond to the treatment. She is approachable and personable throughout and I instantly feel comfortable. I leave with useful, practical tips about improving my health and well-being. Highly recommended!

“I couldn’t recommend Alex enough – she is brilliant at making sure the treatment is right for you. Alex makes me feel so at ease & comfortable. Everything in my life is moving forward in a more positive way. I look forward to seeing Alex genuinely knowing I will always walk out feeling so much better and in a space that is both vibrant and peaceful.”


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