Special Offer on Hot Stone Massage - Alma Vale Centre

This month we have a special offer on a hot-stone massage with Cath Mowbray. Here Cath outlines what this type of massage could do for you:

For the month of May:
1 hour Hot Stone Massage
for targeted Back, Neck and Shoulder tension
Only £45. 

Deeper massage

The strokes given to the body with hot stones are generally deeper than the average massage movements due to the stones density, with an estimated efficiency ten times that of a traditional massage.

The hot stones draw blood to the surface, bringing oxygen and other nutrients to the skin and underlying tissue, helping to relax and soothe aching muscles which in turn aids the circulatory system, metabolic system and the lymphatic system.

The result of warm, flushed skin opens the door for the therapist to work deeper on any trigger points or really tight muscles.

Good for back, neck, shoulder tension

This especially suits the treatment of back, neck and shoulder tension which can be caused by poor posture, scar tissue, injury, repetitive strain injury etc.

Through consultation we can identify what areas we can work on and what can be achieved from the session/s. Stones will be applied to the body using a variety of techniques and strokes and introduced gently to ensure the correct temperature is used. Stones may be placed at certain points on the body, possibly hands and feet, and will be used as a tool in addition to my hands and arms.

This is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment – so why not try a hot stone massage if you’ve never had one before, and take advantage of this special offer at the same time?


“I have had hot stone full body massages with Cath and she is great. Always open to listen to personalize your massage to your needs. In my case I wanted to relief back pain and stress, and it worked. I left the place floating and relaxed :). I really recommend Cath’s services”

For  more details, or to book a hot-stone massage with Cath Mowbray, call us on 0117 3771186

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