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Jane McDowell shares how her massage and reflexology therapy has helped just one of her clients deal with anxiety – to give you insight into how this could work for you


Many of my clients come to me suffering from the physical effects of anxiety, most commonly headaches, poor sleep patterns and digestive problems. 


Sleep issue

One of my clients, who runs her own business, came to me 10 months ago in the hope that I could help her to sleep better. She was finding that she was unable to switch off and get to sleep due to anxiety. This was affecting her performance at work and causing her to be irritable, fatigued and prone to infections.


Ongoing anxiety

She had suffered from anxiety since she was a teenager when she developed IBS. In turn, the IBS fuelled her anxiety and made social engagements very stressful, especially if food was involved.


Even a short journey into town increased her anxiety levels and impacted on her and her partner’s ability to fully enjoy life.


Impact of treatment

We agreed on a course of treatment, once a week for six weeks to be reviewed at the sixth treatment.

After the first treatment she experienced an improvement in her sleep pattern.

Then after four treatments there was a significant improvement in her IBS symptoms.

After the fifth treatment she went out for a meal with friends. She didn’t experience any of the usual anxiety she felt associated with going to a restaurant.

By the sixth treatment she felt confident to start doing exercise, something she had always avoided due to her anxiety about her IBS symptoms.



Now 10 months on, she continues to have treatments once every six to eight weeks. Her life is transformed. She is:

  • sleeping really well
  • better able to deal with work-related stress
  • enjoying an active social life
  • exercising regularly
  • her IBS is under control.

If you’d like help to reduce your anxiety levels please feel free to call me for a no-obligation chat on 07779 023117.

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