Through reflexology, fertility massage, Reiki and EFT – Victoria Gazzard provides a programme of treatment tailored to you to help support you through all stages of IVF


I have been helping women and couples prepare for and navigate the roller-coaster ride of IVF and ICSI for many years and have also supported IVF pregnancies through to birth.


Being prepared

Fertility treatment can be quite invasive, expensive and there is so much emotional investment in a positive outcome. IVF can therefore take its toll both physically and emotionally.

I feel it is essential, when deciding that the time is right to explore assisted fertility treatment, that couples and single women prepare themselves beforehand. It’s important they do what they can to ensure they are healthy and feeling positive within themselves and their ability to conceive.

I see clients at all stages of the IVF process – from men and women who are starting to explore the idea of some assistance to those may have had many cycles and need some additional support or would like to try a different approach.


First session

In this session, I will be able to answer any questions or explore any concerns you may have about fertility and assisted conception. I can also help prepare couples for fertility consultations at clinics such as BCRM, Create, London Women’s Clinic and Bath Fertility here in Bristol.

Following the consultation, I will create a fertility programme that will be adapted to the patient’s needs. This may involve:

  • teaching strategies for coping with stress and anxiety,
  • using guided visualisations and meditations for relaxation to connect body and mind and promote feelings of positivity,
  • using Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT to discharge any heightened non-serving emotions and feelings.


Healing hands on

Hands on healing treatments that I provide include Fertility Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Reiki/Energy Healing. These can be used as standalone sessions or combined in longer sessions. Each treatment will be incorporated and adapted depending on where the patient is within their fertility journey, cycle and fertility treatment.


Nurturing space

Over the years, I have helped many couples to achieve their dream of having a baby, as well as helping those through the grieving process of loss.

The heart of my work is that I aim to provide a warm and nurturing space where parents-to-be can feel supported, listened to, emotionally held and gently guided through a very sensitive time.

For more information, or to book an appointment with Victoria, please contact the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 or or you can book direct online via:

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