IVF: Reducing Stress with Hypnotherapy | Alma Vale Centre

Emma Edwards offers hypnotherapy to help improve your mental wellbeing, and yoga to create better physical health to help reduce the stress of going through IVF


Whether you’re following nature’s rules or are having a helping hand from IVF or other interventions, trying for a baby can be a super stressful time. Yet the one factor that can affect fertility more than anything is stress!

Being told by doctors to reduce stress for your best chances of conceiving is easier said than done. This is especially so when you are having to faff around with ovulation charts, or IVF medication. This is where solution-focused hypnotherapy can help.


Preparing well

Solution-focused hypnotherapy gets you into the best possible mental, emotional and physical condition to prepare to get pregnant: whether you are preparing to get pregnant naturally or using complementary therapy alongside IVF. In sessions, I explain how the brain works and the effect of our neurology on fertility. We look at any emotional blocks, and use hypnotherapy to create positive mental wellbeing.


Improving physical health

As I am also a trained yoga teacher, we can also look at ways of creating better physical health to increase chances of conceiving. If you are having IVF, which can often include intrusive and complex procedures, we can look at positive reframes and finding ways for you to cope. This will help you to experience as little stress as possible.


Ready for hypnobirthing

I enjoy working with clients who are trying for a family, helping them to enjoy the time they spend planning for the future, rather than finding it stressful. I also have the added incentive that I enjoy seeing clients when they return for hypnobirthing!


For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 or info@almavalecentre.co.uk

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