Starting Tuesday 5th March 2019
5:30pm – 6:15pm
Block of 4 lessons – £40

Meditation teaches us how to ‘be’ & ‘live’ in the moment. Meditation is often defined as a set of techniques which are used to focus our attention and heighten our state of awareness, efficiency and orderliness.

During meditation sessions, clients will learn how to meditate and be still. They will learn how to work with their thoughts (not judge or suppress them) and enjoy being calm. It’s like exercise for the mind!

As the weeks progress clients will notice how easily they can get into a meditative state. They will learn which meditation they enjoy the most and can continue to practise these anywhere and at anytime.

People doing meditation comment on how wonderfully relaxed they feel on a day to day basis They are able to focus better, are more productive at work/home, are able to tackle the majority of things thrown at them calmly and confidently and they all comment on how much they enjoy attending the sessions as it’s their ‘me’ time. Meditation has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress, anger, mood-swings, anxieties, depression and worries (just to name a few).

Each session lasts 45 minutes and is made up of small 5-10 minute meditations (each one will be different) and in between the meditations we will have time to reflect and discuss relevant topics – however if clients would rather not participate in discussions this is fine and they are welcome to listen or just enjoy the time to sit still. All meditation is done sitting on chairs and in a relaxed environment.

Meditation misconceptions: People tend to think meditation is the same as stage hypnosis and that I will make them cluck like a chicken, so it is important to know that during every session clients are in full control and can stop meditating at any time. These sessions are not religious and will have no religious content or elements to them.

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About Vicki

“I started meditating about 12 years ago after a difficult period in my life. I find meditating amazing as it has helped me through times of stress and has led me to being a much calmer and more productive person. I often notice when I haven’t meditated for a week or two as my sleep patterns change and I often feel more tense! Even when my little one is being naughty I manage to remain calm and focused.

During the last few years I have been writing personalised meditation scripts for family and friends and teaching them how to practise meditation. Already it has helped so many people so it was due to this that I decided to train with the British School of Meditation so that I could deliver classes. As a primary school teacher with over 20 years’ experience teaching adults and children I am confident at delivering classes!

I am a mum to a 2 year old and I used hypnobirthing for my own birth. I was so calm throughout my labour that no-one realised I was in labour! I needed no pain relief as I wasn’t in any pain which is something I couldn’t honestly believe! Sadly, because the medical staff didn’t believe I was in labour I ended up having a C-section. However, I was still able to use hypnobirthing and I was very relaxed and calm throughout. I actually enjoyed the whole experience. When my little one was born, he too was very calm. He slept and fed well which was amazing.

I decided that I wanted to teach Hypnobirthing and trained with KG Hypnobirthing so that I could teach ladies how they too could experience the birth they desire. I also want to inform parents of the choices they have and are entitled to when giving birth. As part of the course ladies and their birth partners will learn what’s available to them and what they can and cannot ask for which is something, I wasn’t fully aware of! I also talk about the importance of several birth plans as I wish I had planned for all eventualities.”

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