As well as difficult physical symptoms, the menopause can also have a debilitating effect on your mood and emotional wellbeing. So our Counsellor Deborah Clarke has created a programme to help you deal with all aspects of going through the menopause


  • Embarrassed about having hot flushes in public?
  • Experiencing anxiety caused by poor sleep?
  • Anxious about managing your menopausal symptoms in the workplace and with your family or friends?
  • Struggling with low mood and low libido and its impact on your relationship?
  • Self-conscious about changes to your appearance brought about by the menopause?

These are just a few things that my menopause CBT programme could help you with.

The programme involves 6 one-to-one sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy, which is normally the number sufficient to bring about significant change. It is designed for all women experiencing the symptoms of menopause. It may be that you are already using other approaches to managing your menopause, but would like extra support to manage the psychological aspect. This programme can help you with that too.


What does this involve?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a process of helping you understand how your thoughts impact on your behaviour and as a result create certain outcomes. Changing your thoughts can then change your behaviour. This in turn, can change your response to symptoms of the menopause and then help you to eradicate these symptoms.

This is a talking therapy, and will provide you with tools you can take away to build on in your own time.

The programme is tailored to your specific issues, and is designed to help you with both the physical and emotional aspects of going through the menopause.


What about issues of HRT?

For women who are on HRT, it can be useful to know that there are alternative therapies available to help you as well. It is such a personal issue, but my CBT programme is designed to help you find the best way forward for you.

For example, you may be on HRT but are anxious about the potential side-effects, or concerned about the increased risk of breast cancer. But then also remember there are positives, with potential benefits to the heart, and the potential effect on preventing bowel cancer. Women can also look and feel so much better on low-level HRT. So, as with many things in life, it is about weighing up the positives and negatives. This can include weighing up you genetic predispositions, your family history, the lifestyle you want and the risks you are prepared to take. These are all issues we can consider as part of the programme.


Lifestyle issues

As part of the programme, I also give advice on lifestyle, weight-bearing exercises, and share with you the benefits of yoga. Breathing exercises can also be a profound part of CBT, creating space for yourself to make sure your needs are being met. It can also help you with issues of assertion and stress management.


Unique to you

Different approaches work for different people – it is about finding what works for you. This programme could help you with that as well as give you that extra boost to deal with the mental and emotional challenges that the menopause can cause.

For more information about how the CBT programme could help you, or to book in, contact Deborah Clarke on

tel: 07973 518 240



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