We’re celebrating the sunshine this summer at the annual Alma Vale Street Fayre.

Saturday 11th August
12:00pm – late
BBQ, Bristol Beer Factory, Dog Show, Games, Music, and more!

This year our Hypnotherapist, Orla Kirby, will be outside the Alma Vale Centre, on the day of the Fayre. Orla will be offering free 10 – 15 minute mini-consultations, and also offering people the opportunity to sign up for a hypnotherapist-led group hypnosis session later on in the afternoon.

Free 10/15 minute consultations

This will involve a brief but enlightening explanation of the workings of the human brain, and how we can best use this knowledge to our own advantage and that of others, both in terms of tackling issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, sleep issues, and pain management, and also in terms of improving our lives across a range of different areas including enhanced confidence, happiness, creativity and spontaneity. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about how hypnotherapy might help you with one or two particular issues or areas most relevant to yourself.

Free Hypnotherapist-Led Group Hypnosis Session

This will be a 45 minute session during which participants will lie down on the floor and I will take you through some basic breathing exercises, and then ask everyone to continue with their breathing. I will then read aloud a hypnosis script which has been specifically designed to send you into a deep and pleasant state of relaxation. This session will be held in a large downstairs room inside at the Alma Vale Centre.

This year the fayre isĀ supporting the wonderful Full Reach Children’s Projects. Full Reach aims to teach and support vulnerable children through urban art forms, including rap, graffiti and street dance, using these forms to engage and build confidence. Many of these children have severe emotional, social and behavioural issues, have been excluded from mainstream school, have suffered traumatic experiences and may have mental health issues. The long-term goal of Full Reach is to set up a non-profit Children’s Home, and through Street Fayre fundraising we hope to help them on this long and difficult journey!

More information can be found atĀ Full Reach Children’s Projects, Full Reach Events.

You can find out more information about the Alma Vale Street Fayre including the line up times of their music and kids areas here.