I offer a deeply nurturing and safe space for individuals who are experiencing pain, stress or anxiety. I use inspirational coaching, energetic and `hands-on` healing and intuitive readings to help you alleviate pain and suffering and regain calmness, balance and happiness in your life.

My journey began in my twenties when I suffered from chronic back pain and depression. Since then I have studied and practiced different forms of healing and coaching techniques, exploring the connection between physical and mental health. I now use the best of these methods to keep myself energized, calm and balanced. I’m passionate about helping others, especially women, to benefit from what I’ve learned and achieve optimal health and happiness. I offer:

Soul Coaching® 

A total re-set for mind, body and Soul! A transformative and creative 1:1 programme that draws on the energies of the four elements (air, water, fire and earth) to help you to detox your body and mind and declutter your life so you can create space for what you really want. Going deeper than regular life or business coaching Soul Coaching® helps you look at your life from the perspective of your higher self. It helps you access your own inner wisdom, discover your Soul’s purpose and design a life that supports that mission.

Intake session: 90 minutes £65
Follow-ups: 90 minutes £75
Intensive package of 5 x 90 minute sessions over five weeks: £300  (equals a 20% discount)

Soul Healing

Soul Healing is a gentle but very deep form of energy healing. It is for you if you’re seeking release from physical pain (including back pain, sports injuries, joint pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, period pains) and/or emotional problems such as anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia; or if you simply wish to switch off from the world and recharge your batteries. A highly relaxing and restorative experience

Intake session: 90 minutes £60
Follow ups: 1 hour: £45
Package of 4 sessions: £175 – a 10% discount on full price

Soul Reading

Soul Reading is a psychic reading of your aura or energetic body to help you find answers to deep questions. It helps you understand your current life situation from the perspective of your Soul’s journey, resolve issues from the past and explore possible future steps. Soul Reading is for you if you if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by your current life situation or an aspect of it, such as career, finances or relationships, and you feel you need some spiritual guidance. (Soul Reading is a type of healing and is not fortune telling).

1 hour: £45
90 minutes: £65

You can find out more on:

Website : www.mysoulspace.co 

Email hello@mysoulspace.co

Facebook: mysoulspacebristol

Instagram: mysoulspace_

Telephone: 07523 098546