Do you want to feel lighter, brighter and more energised for summer?

Join the 28 Day Summer Shape Up Challenge Today

What I get from the Summer Challenge

The programme will include:

  • A delicious Summer food plan – think Mediterranean with a twist, and not a single boring salad in sight!
  • A supportive, fun private Facebook group, accessible anytime, anywhere. This is a virtual programme, perfect for a busy schedule
  • Daily motivation and guidance
  • Exclusive online access to expert nutritional advice and support
  • A new updated and confident body, ready to enjoy the sunshine!

Summer Challenge Meal Plan

You’ll be given a tried and tested healthy eating plan which includes a wide range of meals and snack options. The Summer Challenge is not a fad diet! The menus have been designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Introduce healthy habits
  • Nourish your body with fabulous fresh nutrients
  • Reduce toxic load (caffeine, alcohol, sugar etc)
  • Feel lighter, brighter & revive your energy levels
  • Restore your metabolism
  • Improve body confidence, ready for the beach

You’ll find yourself enjoying high nutrient meals, including high quality proteins, good fats and low sugar load carbohydrates. The meal plan outlines the simple guidelines to follow. You’ll gain knowledge and confidence to apply the principles to family meals, restaurant orders, take-out etc. Here are a few examples:

Breakfast: smoothies / eggs / granola / pancakes
Lunch: stuffed peppers / Mexican style bean salad / ratatouille
Dinner: quinoa lasagne/ sweet potato & black bean chilli / speedy chicken tikka
Snack: lemon chia seed muffins / banana ice cream / bliss balls

Frequently Asked Questions

What about food sensitivities?

All the recipes are gluten free and most are dairy free. Recipes can easily be adjusted to take into account any food preferences. This is where the Summer Challenge Facebook group is invaluable. Simply raise your hand and I’ll suggest alternatives and help you to adjust the recipes.

What if I don’t have time to cook?

Simply follow the principles and use the recipes to guide you on meal purchases and eating out. We’ll share ideas and suggestions in the Summer Challenge Facebook group.

Will I be hungry?

This is not a diet and you can choose to have 3 meals and 2 snacks each day. Eating little and often is helpful for balancing blood sugar and keeping your energy levels up. The more your blood sugar becomes balanced the more your willpower increases!

The challenge starts 2nd July & is available for just £39
or join with a friend for only £29 each.

To find out more email