Looking for a natural way to treat and manage the symptoms of hay fever? Here at the Alma Vale Centre we have a herbal flower tincture available to buy that has been made up especially for this.

While it’s great to finally be seeing some good weather at last, it’s that time of year again, when 1 in 5 of us will start suffering from hay fever. The sun may be shining, but the misery these symptoms can cause, can make you just want to rush in doors away from any potential pollen effects. But it doesn’t have to be that way – help is at hand.

Chinese medicine approach

Some of us may suffer more from tree pollen, others from flower pollen. But from the Chinese medicine perspective, it is not the pollen that is the issue, but our immune system over-reacting to it. When our body detects the foreign pollen particles, it creates an immune reaction by triggering histamines. These histamines are what cause the symptoms of hay fever. So as such, our herbal tincture will help with all types of pollen reaction. Over-the-counter medications are often associated with side-effects, and they can make you drowsy, as well as just suppress symptoms rather than treat them. So why not take the natural approach and use our herbal tincture instead?

Natural way to treat hay fever

Use this specially designed herbal flower tincture to treat the symptoms of sneezing, runny and stuffy nose, itchy eyes, dry, itchy or sore throat, and sleepiness and fatigue. This is a floral hay fever remedy. It includes the following flower herbs:

Flower ingredients

  • Chrysanthemum, which is excellent for treating the symptoms of red sore and itchy eyes.
  • Magnolia flower, for counteracting sneezing and blocked and runny nose.
  • Linden flower, which helps the pharynx, to help soothe the symptom of itchy soft palette, and is particularly good for treating throat symptom. This flower also contains a lot of vitamin C, which will boost the immune system.
  • Elderflower, which is used in all the cough and cold remedies. Being a flower, it is particularly useful for treating nasal and chest symptoms. It helps with sinus congestion, and is a first-aid for sinusitis. It can also help with headache.
  • Honeysuckle, which is good for the throat symptoms.

Price: 250 ml bottle: £25
125 ml bottle: £15

Dosage: A relatively high dose of 10-15ml per day (about 2-3 teaspoons) is recommended. It is worth taking it in the morning, when the pollen rises, and in the late afternoon / early evening when it sinks back again.


Power of acupuncture too

As well as using our herbal treatment, don’t forget the power of acupuncture to help too: ‘Acupuncture is more effective than an antihistamine in treating hay fever…’ The World Health Organise (WHO) We have four acupuncturistsat the Alma Vale Centre all skilled at providing treatment that will work to alleviate the specific hay fever symptoms you are suffering from. Jill Gloverand Helen Fieldingboth also practise Chinese Herbal Medicine, as well as acupuncture.

How acupuncture works

Acupuncture will work directly on the site of your symptoms. But because treatment is focused on the person, it will also work on you as an individual rather than just on a set of symptoms.   Acupuncture also works to improve your wellbeing, which given how hay fever symptoms can affect our mood as well as our physical health is another added benefit of having treatment.


Treating different aspects

The British Acupuncture Council sets out the research on how acupuncture helps treat hay fever. This includes working to:

  • regulate your body’s allergic reaction to extrinsic allergens
  • stimulate nerves in the muscles and other tissues to release endorphins, which helps you to better cope with the emotional impact of the symptoms
  • reduce inflammation
  • enhance natural killer cell activities to regulate the immune system reaction
  • increase local microcirculation, which aids dispersal of swelling.

If you haven’t yet started with symptoms, many people will book in for acupuncture prior to their hay fever season, as a preventative measure.

To buy our herbal remedy for treating hay fever, please call in to the Alma Vale Centre and ask reception. In the meantime, if you would like to reserve a bottle, please email us.

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