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Shiatsu, Leonie Klein

Shiatsu can be a wonderfully helpful treatment to have when experiencing struggles relating to the menopause or peri-menopause – Leonie Klein explains why.

It is interesting that the kidney meridian often shows up when I treat women suffering from menopause. The kidney energy is nourished through rest, stillness, reflection, and meditation. Women in matriarchal societies of old would have rested, meditated and taken time out from daily work activities every single month throughout their lives. However, most people would claim that to be an absurd notion in this day and age. Whenever would we get a chance to stop and rest while we bleed?

Yet we deny something of our cyclical nature through ignoring menstruation. Our bodies naturally slow down during this time. Our logical functioning is taken over by more intuitive and emotionally based knowing. Our energy goes inwards and we are called to take time out. Yet we sanitise and medicate our way through it as though it’s not even happening. But who for and at what expense? When women finally reach menopause it’s no wonder we crash and burn!

Then there is our cultural attitude towards menopause. We are honoured as women in our society for our fertility. Just think about attitudes towards the fertile woman compared to the menstruating woman: the celebration of the archetypal maiden compared to the fear and derision of the crone. The crone has many very negative associations. Conditioning plays a real part in governing our attitude towards this phase of life. What is the menopausal woman stepping into? What is being asked of her to leave behind? And how can we honour this transition that we have been taught to resist our whole lives? I like the saying that the blood the menopausal women no longer loses every month travels inwards to become her wisdom.


Leonie Klein Shiatsu

My Shiatsu treatment is an honouring of a woman in transition and offers her the chance to:

  • reconnect with herself
  • tune in to her natural rhythm
  • receive rather than give
  • rest deeply
  • give something back to the body that has worked so hard
  • honour and celebrate this next stage of the journey.

For more information on how Leonie works see our websitePlease contact us on 0117 377 1186 to book an appointment. 


Leonie was recommended for her shiatsu by a friend as I have been suffering a variety of menopausal symptoms over the last few months including insomnia. I have been going to Leonie now for 7 weeks and it’s been an amazing journey. My insomnia has not gone, however my ability to deal with that and all my other symptoms has been made so much easier by having my weekly appointment with Leonie. Every week it amazes me how she knows exactly where to press – and for the uninitiated, while shiatsu is not a massage, it is so much better! After my last appointment I was almost in tears (happy ones). For many women, myself included, menopause totally sucks. I have felt so out of sorts – hot, anxious and generally kind of unwell all of the time. But during my last session with Leonie I felt an incredible sense of wellbeing that I haven’t for as long as I can remember. I can’t really explain it, but I lay there feeling totally relaxed and at peace, while Leonie pressed parts of my body like my hips, calves, shoulders and feet in a way that felt so amazing it could only be doing good! I know I sound slightly evangelical, but menopause is something all women are going to experience and if you are struggling, I couldn’t recommend a course of sessions with Leonie enough. Here endeth my first ever google review! Thank you Leonie!

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