Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs for Fertility

We have a special interest in how acupuncture may be able to help men and women who would like to conceive.  Jill Glover and Helen Fielding have shared their expertise (accumulated over 30 years) on BBC News 24, Radio Four and the Discovery Channel.  They have also both been course leaders in universities that train acupuncturists, given lectures on this subject and been involved in researching acupuncture and fertility. Julie Kelham joined the clinic in 2011 as Jill’s Associate.  Julie has specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience working with fertility issues.  The bulk of her clinical work, and on going professional development is in this area.  Julie works in consultation with Jill.

The World Health Organisation considers acupuncture to have proven therapeutic benefits for those wishing to conceive.  Randomised trials in China evidenced significantly better pregnancy rates in those couples and individuals who also had acupuncture.  Research shows couples who are receiving IVF and acupuncture have a greater chance of conceiving than those who use IVF alone. *

The World Health Organisation also supports the use of acupuncture for morning sickness, to help prevent miscarriage and to turn a breach baby.

How can acupuncture help with fertility?

One in seven couples experience difficulty conceiving.  Research shows that the most common reasons are ovulatory disorders, tubal damage, or low sperm count or quality.  Thirty percent of couples are unsuccessful without an explanation.  Stress can be a contributory factor in all cases.

Research shows that acupuncture may help with fertility due to its success in the following areas:

  • Regulating female hormones
  • Increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs (including the uterus)
  • Improving the thickness of the endometrial lining and increasing the chances of embryo implantation
  • Reducing sympathetic nerve activity which balances hormones, reduces the number of ovarian cysts, regulates menstrual cycle, stimulates ovulation and improves blastocyst implantation
What can I expect from a session?

Your acupuncturist will take a detailed account of your fertility history, past medical history, your sleep, digestion, current life situation and any other treatment you may be receiving. If you are a female, your acupuncturist will discuss your menstrual cycle history with you. You will receive acupuncture on your first appointment and may be prescribed herbs where appropriate. Your acupuncturist will also advise you on diet, nutrition and exercise.

What will ongoing treatment entail?

If attempting to conceive women will be asked to chart BBT and cervical mucus observations (all of this will be explained to you in detail and is nothing to feel concerned about). Where other practitioners are involved it is helpful for your acupuncturist to see test results of any biomedic treatment for both male and female partners. Treatment will be modified and fine-tuned to complement any western medical fertility treatments (such as IVF). This is based on our many years of experience working in this field. Treatment will be based around the menstrual cycle where necessary. We will support you through the duration of the treatment and are often available to answer any concerns you may have via telephone or email.

How much does it cost?

Treatment prices are as follows:

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