Eleanor Copp

Eleanor Copp has worked in the NHS for thirty years in acute care and is familiar with the environment of emergencies and speed. This has given her an ability to stay calm in her private work as well as a long experience of being with people in times of discomfort and distress.

Eleanor qualified as a nurse in 1990 and midwife in 1993. Since 2003, she has worked simultaneously in private practice as a Reflexologist, Hypnobirthing practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Bowen therapist.

Dedicated to continued professional development, Eleanor Copp is registered as a Midwife with the NMC, a Hypnotherapist with the National Council of Hypnotherapists and as a Bowen therapist with the Bowen Technique Association.

Because of the way Bowen therapy works, it can help with all kinds of conditions, from traumatic injury, chronic illnesses, through to developmental delay and dealing with everyday stress.

Eleanor’s area of expertise is around women’s health. She offers support pre-pregnancy and through fertility treatment, managing confidence during pregnancy if there are challenges or not and following birth.

Working 1:1 with pregnant mothers gives them undivided attention, which can help in managing their pregnancy and with any feelings they may have about the upcoming birth, as progression brings weekly changes. Her goal is to enable women to feel confident and strong, so that they have strategies to deal with their experience whatever that entails. This includes helping to avoid trauma and depression that can sometimes follow labour and birth – in Eleanor’s experience this is so often preventable. She also works with couples 1:1. This can be invaluable in helping fathers understand how best to fulfil their responsibilities as a supportive partner who advocates for both mum and baby. Following birth, she works with mothers to help them reflect and re-evalaute how they are and to cope with changes that have occurred to both mind and body.

In addition to her private practice, Eleanor co-ran a baby loss support group for 18 months and has undertaken some trauma training.

You can find three of Eleanor’s apps on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon: The Relaxed Parent; The Relaxed Midwife; and My Brilliant Birth.

Eleanor Copp also has a column on empowered birth in Juno Magazine where she writes on issues affecting mothers, colleagues or the media.

Availability & Fees

Fridays 1:30pm to 5:30pm

£55 for individuals
£65 for couples


Contact Eleanor direct on 07929 857 608 or eleanorcopp@me.com to discuss your needs and book an appointment.

Alternatively contact the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 or e-mail us on info@almavalecentre.co.uk.


  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy
  • Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Bowen Technique
  • Member of the Bowen Association
  • Registers Midwife

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