Cassie Everett

Cassie Everett has practised Homeopathy for the last 11 years, first in London and now in Bristol. She also lectures, provides practical courses and supervises students. She specialises in natural hormonal health and the treatment of infertility. Her client base extends worldwide.

Cassie’s philosophy is to focus on the small things that make a real difference and to restore balance.

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Availability & Fees

Thursday 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Initial Consultation (90 minutes) – £90
Follow up (45 minutes) – £70

Special Offer – £10 off your initial consultation. Special offer ends 31st December 2017.


Please contact Cassie on 07588 820 409 or for more information or to book an appointment.

Alternatively you can call the Alma Vale Centre on 0117 377 1186 or e-mail us on to arrange a call back.


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“I went to see Cassie due to a difficult cycle (after years of taking the pill) and a very worrying diagnosis from a fertility clinic.

I started taking the remedies and following Cassie’s advice in terms of lifestyle changes, supplements etc. I got pregnant few months after and my baby boy is now a week old! When I was 35 weeks pregnant my husband and I had a session with Cassie to discuss remedies to take during different stage of childbirth. Despite the long labour I’m pleased to say that my baby didn’t need any help during delivery and I’m recovering very quickly!”

E.S. London

“Before coming to Cassie, I had had a miscarriage and had wanted to become a mum for many years without much luck. My hubby and I had given it a good go for about a year and nothing was happening. During our session Cassie asked me some well thought out questions and held me in a beautiful space so she could determine what homeopathic remedies were the right ones for me.  6 weeks later – Leo was conceived! WOW – and 9 months later i have had the privelage to hold litle Leo in my arms. Thanks Cassie! If you are wanting to get pregnant the organic way Cassie is your woman!” M.P-S, Bali

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“My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for around 18 months and had just seen an obstetrician to look at medical interventions to get pregnant. We weren’t very keen on the medication they wanted to give me so after seeing Cassie on a PCOS support facebook page I contacted her for help. She was amazing, even though she was on the other side of the world, she talked us through the options and was very understanding of our worry, after having had two miscarriages previously. She tweaked the remedies for me according to my needs, and within 3 months I was pregnant! We now have a happy, healthy 2 month old girl who brings us joy each and every day.”
B.C, New Zealand

“I met Cassie Everett over a year ago. By that time I almost despaired to become pregnant. I was 37 having painful and irregular periods and polycystic ovary syndrome. Traditional medicine hadn’t helped; it actually made me feel worse after a course of treatment with hormones. At that time I didn’t trust the homeopathy either; I just didn’t know how powerful it was, and simply decided to try…

I noticed changes after the first month of starting the homeopathic treatment with Cassie – these changes were not only physical but also emotional. In a couple of month my periods became regular and less painful. After seven months I became pregnant. It was amazing!

My pregnancy went very well – thanks to Cassie and homeopathic remedies. I found out that homeopathy can ease the discomfort caused by the intoxication in the first trimester. Then later on when a doctor prescribed antibiotics to me during my pregnancy, Cassie recommended a homeopathic remedy instead that helped me recover quickly and efficiently and most importantly without having to take antibiotics during my pregnancy.

When the time came for me to give birth, my contractions were weak. I asked Cassie for help, and the remedies she advised made a big change: contractions became strong and productive, and the labor went very well.

Now I am a happy mother of a little baby boy. I often ask Cassie for advice; the remedies she recommends make an amazing difference helping my baby and me quickly and safely.

Cassie is a great specialist, responsive and a helpful person. She uses a wise holistic approach where physical health depends on one’s spiritual state and vica verse. I found out that homeopathy is a powerful and safe remedy that helps to find a perfect balance for the body and emotions.”
T.K, Berlin

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