There is only One Light,
and ‘you’ and ‘me’
are holes in the lamp shade.
Mahmud Shabistari

On this one day workshop we will be investigating consciousness and examining the core question of who am I? From there we will explore forming a deeper connection both with ourselves and others. A connection based on the core part of ourselves, the true self that exists prior to both our appearance and personality – our essence.

For mindfulness practitioners this day is intended to give a deeper perspective on meditation, Drawing on philosophies such as Advaita Vedanta to open up questions around who it is that is aware of this moment. The meditative exercises are designed to expand the possibility to be peaceful and in the moment, unhindered by circling thoughts.

For those working in a therapeutic setting the day will be an opportunity to experience the healing potential of presence. Exploring how becoming deeply conscious and present can transform an interaction. This is of course applicable outside a therapeutic setting in the relationships we all have.

The day will be accessible to everyone, no prior experience in this area is necessary – everyone is very welcome and everyone’s experience is valued.

Workshop facilitated by Richard Cox.
Cost £30.
Contact Richard at for more details.