Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is a natural and holistic approach to reactivate hormone production. It helps to manage the symptoms of menopause, insomnia, painful periods, anxiety, hypothyroidism, PMS, polycystic ovaries, infertility due to low levels of hormones and other hormonal imbalances. Some women have also seen improvements in conditions such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems; both of which are common after menopause and are known to benefit from regular exercise. It is a healthy alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Contraindications are pregnancy, cancer, advanced endometriosis, undiagnosed abdominal pain and after surgeries unless given permission by your doctor.

Hormone Yoga Therapy was established in the 90s by a Brazilian yoga therapist, Dinah Rodrigues. She is an internationally recognised psychologist and yoga therapist. She spent approximately twenty years developing the concept and teachings of HYT.

Dinah recommends the practice to all women over 35 whether experiencing symptoms or not. Our hormones naturally change from this age onwards and practising HYT can keep levels balanced, and reduce discomfort experienced when entering menopause. HYT is a combination of asanas, breathing techniques and the subsequent circulation of energy that stimulates the glands and increases the production of hormones. It is a dynamic technique which involves a combination of strong abdominal breathing, asanas (posture) and Tibetan technique for circulation of energy. The sequence consists of several exercises and Dinah recommends practising them in the given order as each one of them has a special impact on a particular area. Together they harmonise the hormonal system as a whole.

Hormone Yoga Therapy Workshop
at the Alma Vale Centre
Saturday 21st April 2018

More details on: www.hormoneyogatherapy.co.uk
Please contact Andrea for details: hormoneyogatherapyuk@gmail.com
Tel: 07739 973 320


“I completed an HYT workshop with Andrea to try to rebalance my hormonal cycle after my period disappeared for over 6 months with no explanation. Within 3 weeks of practising HYT every other day my bleed returned! HYT has been great for me, helping improve my mood and energy as well as balancing my hormones. I would recommend it to any woman struggling with hormonal imbalances.”  

“I have not had my period for 5 months and the day after attending Andrea’s workshop my period was back and is regular since then.”

“Thanks to Hormone Yoga Therapy I no longer need to be on medication for hypothyroidism. I was on Levothyroxin for 25years, struggled with tiredness, low levels of energy, falling hair, weight gain but Hormone Yoga Therapy helped me enormously. I practice it regularly 5x a week and for a year now I did not have to take the medication anymore.”

“After 2 years of treating my infertility, several IVFs and loads of hormones injections I gave up all the medicine and decided to find an alternative treatment. I was recommended Hormone Yoga Therapy and attended the intensive workshop. I practiced regularly 5x a week for 3 months but then went on holidays and my practice was not as regular anymore. After a month getting back into my practice I found out I am pregnant!”

About Andrea:

Andrea - Hormone Yoga WorkshopA fully qualified yoga teacher and yoga therapist for menopause treatment.

Andrea grew up in Prague and has always had a keen interest in exercise and fitness. She has a background in international development and has spent many years managing development projects in Africa. She still spends much time there. She had been practising yoga for more than ten years when she decided to channel her energies into becoming a yoga teacher. She is a fully qualified and registered to teach; yoga, pregnancy yoga, hormone yoga therapy, and diabetes hormone yoga therapy.

Andrea was certified as a hormone yoga therapist in June 2016 after successfully finishing a HYT training course with Dinah Rodrigues in Prague. Dinah Rodrigues is the founder of this technique and the only teacher who can certify students to become teachers. Her courses are taught mainly in the USA, Germany and Czech republic so the technique is very well known in those countries. Hormone yoga therapy is not well known in the UK and there are only a couple of teachers here. Andrea is the only hormone yoga therapy teacher in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Andrea started teaching HYT workshops in Bristol in September 2016. Women who have been through the training, and who have continued to incorporate the exercise in their weekly lives, have found it very beneficial. They appreciate that there is a natural alternative/complementary therapy to medical treatment in managing symptoms of menopause.

Dinah Rodrigues also established a special sequence for treating diabetes. It is well recognised that exercise is a very important way to control and improve diabetes. This yoga therapy is an alternative way for diabetic patients to incorporate regular exercise into their lives to the benefit of their disease management. Andrea attended Dinah Rodrigues’s diabetes yoga teacher training in June 2017 and is now a fully qualified hormone yoga therapist for diabetes treatment.