1.Take the time to really evaluate your goals

Many people (Yes we are all guilty) can waste precious years of their life chasing things they don’t even want or never letting their desire mature. Make a habit at least every year to put a pause on your routine and allow yourself to think about what you value, and how that may have changed over time. The important thing is not to stop there, but to make the necessary changes so that your lifestyle can actually reflect your new goals.

For some women, this means learning to be better mums to their adult children. For others, it could mean giving their budget an overhaul so they can save more and waste less. For others, it could be de-cluttering their calendars to focus on spiritual and emotional growth. Whatever you learn about yourself, choose to honor your values with your habits no matter how small.

DONT BE AFRAID…..Go for it!

So what are your goals? Sally`s tips:

Write them down …. your far more likely to stick to them if you keep a diary of your achievements, hopes, goals, values and dreams. Look ahead now to 2018…. start to feel where you would like to make a few changes. Even simple little changes over the course of a year can make remarkable differences to your overall wellbeing.

Remember, you come first!…..a happy female=a happy home.

Just like our Grannies used to say:

Never make rash decisions when you are either PMT or been on the Vino Girls….!! wise little words..

2. STOP Trying to Please Everyone

On the surface, being a people-pleaser can seem like a good thing. After all, who wouldn’t want to get along with the people around them? But anyone who’s genuinely tried to keep everyone happy knows that it’s a vicious circle that leaves you burnt out, frustrated, and less effective at making the people you really care about happy. Just like you only have 24 hours in a day, you only have a limited amount of energy you can use up, so make sure you’re making it count!

Sometimes, this will mean saying no to overtime at work or to yet another family reunion. Make sure that you’re taking the time you need to recharge – whatever that looks like for you!

Your relationships and your sanity will thank you when you realise that not everyone’s opinion is relevant to your life.

Remember Ladies…You are not Superwoman

3. Learn to Age Gracefully

A lot of money (million £ industrys) is made by convincing women that they aren’t beautiful, smart, and important as soon as they start getting grey hair or love handles. You’ll find yourself a lot happier and more confident when you learn to appreciate your body at whatever stage it’s in.

This of course can be hard and sometimes cruel especially when medical problems take their toll. However we view ourselves in the mirror…..remember you are glowing inside and that will reflect outwardly. This is what beauty means Ladies!

In a May 2017 interview, Ali McGraw said, “I remember in those early days spending too much time worrying about whether I looked okay. That is really boring. The minute that every single thing is perfect, you’ve lost your sexuality, as far as I’m concerned.

So, flaunt your laugh lines, your stretch marks, your freckles, and your grey locks! You have no idea how beautiful you really are”. (Well said Ali, ) (source heartysoul)

This is so true: And a truthful opinion held by most women. Girls we cannot turn the clock back genetically but we can learn to tick with said clock and adapt with mother time and all her elements of life. Learn to feel the beauty of you from the inside…the outside is just a wrapper!

So ditch the 5x mirrors……..

Ladies you ARE the beautiful award winning actresses in your own special life. enjoy this

4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

It’s hard enough not to compare yourself to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers- and then along came social media! But the truth is, nobody’s lives are as perfect as they might seem; that is 100% guaranteed. So instead of comparing your low points to everyone else’s high points, teach yourself to stop judging books by their covers and learn to value every season of life. Celebrate the good, learn from mistakes, and find comfort in the sad times. Life is full of so many beautiful experiences, and your life is so unique!

When was the last time you allowed yourself to bloom?

5. Don’t Wait For Recognition

Ladies, you need to hear this: you need to be your own biggest fan! Most of the time, your hard work will go unnoticed, even by the people you care about the most. Instead of expecting people to show you their appreciation (and feeling hurt when they don’t), learn to rely on being grateful to yourself. Any recognition from the outside is an added bonus! (That being said, it’s okay to also talk with your partner about being more vocally supportive. And it’s also okay to teach your children to be grateful.

6. Being Healthy Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Yes, your health is important! The biggest mistake people tend to make is in thinking that physical health is separate from mental health. If you find yourself checking your weight every day, beating yourself up with guilt if you miss a workout or go for dessert on a special night, you’re neglecting a crucial part of your health. Besides the fact that stress alone has been linked to serious health conditions, remember that the point of taking care of your body is so that you can enjoy your life.

So Ladies while we may prefer not to be running around in our latest sweaty Betty`s or jiggling along at the public gym…. do spare a little thought for your overall wellbeing. This means both mind and body of course, not to mention your spiritual health. Set aside some thoughts on this subject and see where you can perhaps make small changes to help promote your own health.

Make your own special plan….but: 

Make it simple

Make it real

Make it enjoyable                                              

Make it achievable

Make it for YOU

7. Pass Down Your Stories

It’s easy to take for granted the experiences you’ve accumulated over the years, but the next generation can learn so much from you! You don’t have to sit down your children, grandchildren, or younger neighbours with a powerpoint about your life, but be open to sharing your own experiences- you might be surprised with how much your listeners appreciate learning more about you, about the world, and about themselves.

Share you wisdom…share your unique knowledge…share yourself….share life.

Inspire younger generations with the wonderful history already in your unique life book… Share

8. Seize the day

Splurge on yourself from time to time. Try new things whenever you can. Learn to say “no” so you can make room for the things you enjoy. Face your fears. Love fiercely. Forgive quickly. Take millions of pictures (well plenty). Live life to its fullest.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE LADIES...You are here for a reason!

Your time to shine, Your time to be unique, Your time to dance, sing and be totally You.

Love light and brightness to all, Sally www.treeofpastlife.co.uk