Do you ever think to yourself, how did my life get this busy?


I speak to many women and they are working really hard, juggling full on lives, responsibilities not to mention family and a crazy social life.

Sometimes you can just about cope and yet other times you have no patience, your mood is all over the place, your skin looks terrible and you dread your period arriving.  Sound familiar?


80% of women report some physical or emotional changes in the second half of their cycle and 20% of women have severe enough symptoms to seek additional help.


I’m sure like many women you fear that time of the month coming around. Your period might be difficult, heavy and draining, painful or just so irregular you don’t even know when it’s coming half the time. You might feel angry, irritable and sluggish and wonder how long you have to put up with these symptoms for, or whether they will ever end.

The most difficult thing is that it can feel completely out of your control, and it’s not always easy talking to those around you about how your hormones are affecting you.

So you can see how easy it is for women to just think “well, its my hormones and there’s nothing I can do about it because it’s the same for everyone.”

Many women who come to see me have tried the conventional medical approach and haven’t liked how they made them feel.

So why hasn’t any of it helped in the long term?

The reason why they haven’t helped is because they don’t necessarily get to the root cause of your symptoms and are not individualised to your needs.

The drawback with the ‘one solution fits all’ approach is that everyone is unique. You may need more help in determining why your symptoms are the way they are.

So, despite your best intentions, the treatments you have tried are not actively supporting and detoxing your body in relation to what your body actually needs.

Luckily it doesn’t need to be this way, you can feel more in control of your body and emotions regardless of the time of month. Thankfully, this is a possibility and I will share with you how.

Cassie Everett - Homeopath

Cassie Everett – Women’s Health Homeopath

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