HypnoBirthing is designed as a structured but informal class format that teaches about the physical, emotional and mental aspects of birth. You’ll learn why your body does what it does, as well as how.

You will learn:

  • Breathing techniques that actually help the birth (and it’s not the panting that most people think they have to do)
  • How to massively reduce the need for any medication at all
  • How to reduce your risk of needing an episiotomy during birth with a stunningly simple massage technique
  • How to be confident and informed when dealing with the medical staff – when to question, what to ask…and when it’s time to let them take charge
  • How to release any fears you might have about childbirth (regardless of where they come from)
  • How to bring about your own easy start of labour with these simple, natural techniques, if you go beyond your estimated due date
  • Most importantly, you’ll know how to relax and stay calm and in control – regardless of what’s happening around you’

With every booking you are eligible to four complimentary pregnancy yoga classes at Hampton House in Cotham

When is the workshop:

Sundays 10.00am-5.15pmNov 19th and Dec 3rd (The Alma Vale Centre, Clifton)

To book go to:


How much does it cost?

£275 per couple or £175 for individual booking

Information about Purely Pregnant:

Purely Pregnant offer high quality and professional HypnoBirthing courses and pregnancy yoga classes in Bristol. They have taught hundreds of couples how to have a calm, confident and positive birth.