As Therapist, Healers, Motivators and Amazing Heroes in your chosen fields we all share certain common denominators and one of those is


When we have compassion we are naturally intuitive towards understanding and helping others in various ways.

Therefore we use our intuition in many different shapes and forms sometimes without actually realising this and often putting it down to just coincidence or even just imagination.

Some people feel, sense, smell and just have a deep sense of “just knowing”… but not sure how they know.

Sound familiar?

Then come along and enjoy a full day workshop and discover your own special intuition. Have fun trying;

Pendulums and see the response

Have a turn looking at Auras, the energy field around our bodies

Try your communication skills with Telepathy

Enhance your natural Psychic Ability

Enjoy seeing your Chakras in action

This full and enjoyable day is open to everyone and no experience is needed to simply enjoy your very own innate talents. So please do tell your family and friends. Perhaps you have your own experiences  you would like to come and share with like minded people.


A Mini tarot reading by my special guest the very talented and professional Celia Dominguez will be available to you at the end of the session.

There are two dates available for these workshops to choose from:

Saturday 23rd September 2017 11-4pm  or
Saturday 14th October 2017 11-4pm

The venue for both dates will be at the lovely Alma Vale Centre in Clifton Bristol.
Refreshments are included, packed lunch required.

Investment: £30.00

All profit from Heroes bookings will be in aid of the Heroes Foundation. So please do help support this wonderful and inspiring project.

In order to secure your place please follow the booking process on my webpage.

You are able to either make Full Payment or Deposit (£10.00) to secure your place.

Simply contact Sally at:    www.treeofpastlife.co.uk


Love light and happiness to all