Eleanor Copp works 1:1 with mothers in pregnancy to offer space and time, and to manage worry or anxiety. As an integrative therapist, she works with both mind and body. As groups can be overwhelming and impersonal, working 1:1 is unique and intimate. Clients receive undivided attention, which can help enormously in managing the ongoing pregnancy and feelings about the birth. It’s a time like no other in our life.

Eleanor’s goal is to enable women to feel confident and strong, so that they can survive their experience whatever that entails. There are no guarantees in a birth, but having strategies to hand can help us to cope. She knows from supporting thousands of labour and births that trauma and depression can have origins in labour and birth, and she believes this is preventable.

By working with couples 1-2-1, fathers report the work as invaluable for knowing and understanding their responsibilities and their position. They become supportive partners who advocate for mum and baby, and the parents can then say to each other “we were a great team, we did it together”.

Meeting and supporting in this way includes some talk, some hypnotherapy using visualisation and talking, and some Bowen Therapy. Whatever is needed most on the day is responded to. Eleanor does not follow a structured format but is flexible and responsive.

Similarly following a birth, mothers enjoy the space of a session to themselves (sometimes babies come along if childcare is an issue). Having dedicated time to reflect on and re-evaluate how we are after a birth is crucial. Both our mind and body have experienced an event that will have left a lasting impact. The frequency of contact and sessions is different, for some weekly or others fortnightly. Eleanor is always happy to be contacted in between sessions if required, which she knows is gratefully received.

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