We’re really pleased to have Eleanor Copp joining the Alma Vale Centre as of this Friday. Eleanor offers Hypnotherapy and Bowen Therapy, specialising in treating women both pre- and post-natal. Here’s Eleanor introducing herself.

“I am very excited to be based at the Alma Vale Centre and am looking forward to setting up my practice here.

As a practising midwife, I am based at a birth centre in Somerset and as a union representative there I am representing colleagues in challenging situations.

In private practice I am incredibly practical and support my clients through a mixture of information sharing, confidence boosting and therapeutic help, which enables them to feel better and make their own best decisions.

I work 1:1, which I have found has the most impact in treating pregnant women for specific issues and concerns, especially when a previous history has left its mark.

Many mothers say that the time they allocate to come and see me is invaluable to help them cope – with sleep, with relationships, with being at home or at work – and it gives them some space to be free.”

Introductory Special Offer

3 sessions for the price of 2

Save £50!


Hypnotherapy – I am a Hypnotherapist and work with men and women of all ages who have worries and behaviours that limit their lifestyle. This includes all types of anxiety and phobia from flying to needles, from heights to enclosed spaces.
I am a specialist advisor for the National Hypnotherapy Council on the area of pregnancy and childbirth.

Bowen Therapy – As a Bowen Technique Practitioner I work with babies and children to adults of all ages. Bowen is a hands-on, non-invasive technique that is extremely relaxing and can provide lasting relief from acute or chronic conditions.

Want to find out how Bowen Therapy or Hypnotherapy could hel

Contact Eleanor direct on:
07929 857 608
or visit her website