We now are into the early start of a new year. The tinsel is once again tucked away, the festivities all done and dusted and the last of the sweet treats coming to an end. You may be asking yourself, “what now”? …

  • What does the year ahead have in store for you personally?
  • Are there grand plans already in place?
  • Are there goals and achievements you desire?

For some, this time of year brings feelings of lethargy, and low esteem may creep into our daily lives. The shortened daylight and inclement weather may seem endless and an overall low mood can bring a heaviness to our personalities.

When we allow these unwanted and unfriendly emotions then to govern our actions, it can affect our lives in many negative ways. It is easy to be driven by emotive responses despite trying to think logically.

Many people describe this as waking up in the morning and saying to yourself “Today is going to be a good day”. Then within a couple of hours those positive thoughts that were quite happily residing in your mind have somehow drained away like water down a plughole for seemingly no particular reason you can put your finger on.

So you give yourself a good talking to and start again…. run round with the feather duster, tackle the floors, scowl at the cobwebs then treat yourself to a cuppa. You try to lift your spirits up by distracting yourself with the ever growing to do list. Sound familiar?

So what can be done to help these little unwanted feelings and moments in life?

Thankfully lots!

It was said to me many years ago by one of my teachers (a very stern lady) that are two words that should never reside within our minds and they are:


I have to say even though this was just her own personal opinion. I have over the years found myself using this saying on many a day. I find them quite powerful words that when we put them into the reality of our daily lives can completely deflate and leave our days/hours with unwanted notions of personal failure. Simply because we felt we “should have done this or that” or we “could have this, that or the other” can throw into a little corner of negativity under said cobwebs!

Automatically confirming within ourselves that we have somehow wasted time or fallen drastically short of an expectation.

So, the key point here is to change within our inner thoughts and give our little nagging voices a new year make over.

I MAY for instance remove said cobweb….however I MAY just let it lurk in the corner.

I MAY decide to paint the wall….however I may decide to read my novel instead.

Obviously, these are very simplistic examples and the list is endless, but I’m sure you understand the gist of the matter. Simply turn your inner speech around. This is free and easily attainable promises with great personal rewards. Use your power of speech to improve dramatically all those little nagging inner feelings that at times have made you feel underwhelmed and inferior. The wellbeing of the self is far more important than any little cobwebs of life.

Words have great power…language can be key to wellbeing and a positive outlook on life. As an example in our meditation class, which is held every Friday here at the lovely Alma Vale Centre, I played a classic and wonderfully uplifting piece of music by Diana Ross, “I’m coming out”. The power of the words moved everyone into remembering just how important language is and its huge benefits. That little new year kick into positive action is all that is needed to start your journey ahead….

Make this coming year one of personal change and positivity by simply being mindful of your inner voice.

Step into the coming months ahead with confidence…. be kind to yourself….and enjoy life to the full.

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