Energising Porridge Recipe

We recently shared an article on social media written by The Telegraph titled ‘Porridge could be key to long and healthy life, says Harvard University’.  This has sparked off porridge talk within the Alma Vale Centre!  Emilia Sus, our practitioner, has therefore provided us with her energising Ayurvedic porridge recipe.  Enjoy!


Soak a few dates, raisins, dried figs, apricots (as desired) overnight in a pan of water. You can also add sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, linseed, blanched almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts shredded coconut. In the morning bring this to the boil and add rolled oats (or millet, quinoa, barley flakes etc.) and cook until soft. Add some cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom powder. To make it creamier you can also add oat, rice, almond or good quality of soymilk (I recommend Bonsoy milk which is thick, and creamy and you do not need that much of it). To sweeten you can add maple syrup, fruit spreads along with any nut butter for protein. Avoid adding honey until porridge has cooled down.

My favourite option is with dates, walnuts, pumpkin seeds ground flax, a little bit of oat milk, maple syrup. During autumn instead I also put For even more rejuvenating properties you can add a teaspoon of Chywanaprash. This is an ayurvedic jam made with a base of amalaki fruit  renowned for its rich antioxidant content and concentration of Vitamin C. It also contains a number of other expanding and ojas building herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari along with spices, ghee and honey.

Recipe by Emilia Sus

You can find out more information about the benefits of eating porridge at the Porridge Club.

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